This is another example of the work done with a client to explore what was causing a range of limitations in her current life. So,god as per what we normally do in a session we focus to have revealed what is responsible for these effects.

We have a very difficult time bringing what is responsible into the open. Beings appear but they are obviously decoys, sent to act as a smoke screen to whom is really responsible.

At the same time the whole internal/psychic landscape is presenting as exceptionally unstable and shaking which is another sign of great effort being expended by someone is determinedly trying to stay hidden and not be revealed.

So, basically they are making it as difficult as possible to ‘tune in’ to and or then become aware of and or then ‘understand’ what the original cause of there current life issues actually are.

Healing Problems & Issues Originating from other world/planet as Part of Pastlife problems with some ‘GOD’ or Maybe some Ancient Alien

We are nothing if not persistent and eventually the being orchestrating all of these misdirections appears and it turns out to be no less than the ‘god of a particular world. I say ‘a’ god as I have not yet come across an all encompassing ‘God’ I have though engaged with many of these lesser ones.

So, this is the audio of this portion of this clients session. Dealing with the god of another world that this client had incarnated into 1000’s of life times ago.

The problem was that the lives on this world are very strongly defined so that all lives are made to be VERY ‘nice’ however, because of the things acting on this client to mess up her life no matter where she is then this also happens on this world or any other world that she may find herself having maybe yet another incarnated life!!!!

Apparently Maybe Incarnations on Other Planets/Worlds are responsible for some current Earth/Human life problems

Not surprisingly she is a mite unhappy with how this life turns out and complains and causes problems with this ‘god’ to a point where this ‘god’ does things to probably shut her up as well as to punish her for these outbursts.Sounds like a ‘normal’ god type to me. All ego and little else . . . . .

Maybe this is an example of some form of Divine Retribution?

So, you could say that she is suffering the effects of Divine Retribution.

I would have to question what is a god doing making a decision that causes severe negative effects to someone life, life time after life time? Talk about egos!!

In context this is one life at the start of this clients ‘soul’ life and what this ‘god’ has done has had debilitating effects on probably all lives after this – say 95% of the lives she has so far lived. As this is neither fair nor ‘right’ then we petition against this to have what he did withdrawn.

Surprisingly I deal with quite a few so called ‘Divine’ beings as labelled by others and it seems themselves in many of my clients sessions that have done decidedly horrific things resulting in severe problems to the client this then is not an isolated case.

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