Advice on Learning to Becoming Aware of Fairies, Fae, Nature Spirits

How to approach becoming aware of nature spirits, how to start connecting with or attracting nature spirits, nature devas or other elemental beings.

Exercise to help you Encounter or Meet with all types of Fairies, Fae, Nature Spirits

When I experienced my awakening this was in a place in the woods that I have already visited 5-6 times over a number of years. It was somewhere that I had Red wood treesa feeling for, that drew me.

This is important. I had already established a connection with this place. I was in one sense making my presence felt to the beings there and they had noticed me enough to talk to me about this when I became aware of them. They knew that I had a sense of them and their special place.

Advice on where to look for and to find the Fae, the Nature Spirits

So, the first thing that you should do to gain an awareness of nature spirits is to cultivate a sense of the woods and forests that attract you.

Look for places that have a lot of ancient woodland that are well kept and then wander around. Don’t so much wander to specifically look for something, rather wander to be drawn to somewhere. To find a special place, some would say an energy place, although you could also say somewhere that feels right to you and that draws you to itself.

It does not have to be woodland, in the uk there are few ‘pristine’ or VERY natural places left, so a place in nature that is natural or undisturbed is a reasonable good bet to have some nature spirits, better still beside some clear water or a stream.

How you can feel or sense a presence or atmosphere when Nature spirits are Close By

It may be somewhere that has an atmosphere, a mystery or a presence or that feels like a sacred space. Somewhere thatvery spooky forest when you wander around not thinking too much you end up at. Somewhere that when you sit on your own in the silence of your own space you feel more your own presence too. You feel more in touch with you. This is important.

Nature spirits are not celebrities they don’t invite exposure. But if you find somewhere that feels right to you and feels special then the chances are that any nature spirits will notice you as much as you notice them and over atmospheric rock pooltime they will remember you and become curious (as they did with me).

You could say that this is about starting a friendship. Like you may if you frequent a cafe, but not strike up a conversation with the owner until you have been there 4-5 times. Until you can recognize each other and feel comfortable in each others presence. You would not be going into that cafe regularly if it did not feel right to you; if it did not suite you.

Begin as you would for a good friendship

So, treat your special space in nature in the same way. As a place to begin a friendship. Because this is in a sense what you are going to do. You are saying that you are here because this place feels right to you and you want to meet others that feel right here also.

In the same way as in a cafe you would take time to get used to your surroundings, not make an effort to connect with anyone the first few times but just establish your own space there. Do, the samemoss covered trees and roots in your nature space too. When you decide that you have found your special place, then go there and spend 30 minutes to an hour but don’t be pushy. Don’t be expectant, maybe take a book or just sit and relax or just watch your breath. Just be in this space, without invading it, but by being part of it. In the same way as your cafe, you will find a place to sit that feels right – this is your seat. This is the place that best represents you.

Take your time to contact spirits of nature

So, take the same seat in your nature space each time too. Don’t try and catch any ones eye. Just become a presence. When you become a regular, you will be noticed and you wont frighten anyone away and also there is more chance that you will come to notice the presence of other regulars too.mossy glade in shadowed wood

So, do this in your favourite woods or your favourite spot in nature. I found myself being drawn to the same place in the woods and sitting on the same spot each time. I did not know why at that time – it just felt right. Then when I took a friend whom was then aware of such things she pointed out that I was always sitting right at the centre of an earth energy point – that was the centre of a large tree circle. I’d never noticed this, it just felt right.

It is best to find somewhere that is quite and not busy, has few people passing as nature spirits like their privacy.

In the UK national heritage or national trust places which are well looked after then often the nature spirits in these places are more interactive with people.

Avoid negative, uncomfortable or disturbing places

Avoid places which have been used for drunken or drug based parties or meetings. Avoid places which have been used for rituals as some peoples intentions in doing these are lets say not always aligned with the good and therefore there is a possibility of not so good things being in the vicinity.

‘Distressed’ places tend to have misshapen trees, with twisted branches, branches of some trees will avoid ‘negative’ energies while others will seek them out. So, this can cause some bizarre branching; I have seen a large branch (6″ diameter) within a foot of the main truck turn 180 degrees to twist all the way around the trunk to avoid a negative energy spot. Branches of some species will curl or be pushed up while others will droop toward particular energies.

I once met with a ‘groundsman’ of the Duke of Northumberland to point out a tree and stone circle I thought were on their property and in danger of being destroyed. As a woodsman he could tell immediately the area of the ‘negative’ energies by the ‘distressed’ and crazy growth of the trees growing around it – he was quite taken back by this as it was so obvious.

really spooky flooded wood

Go with your feelings. If you feel uneasy about a place then don’t spend time there and certainly don’t try to connect with what is causing the uneasy feeling. Not at least unless you have a lot of experience with such things.

Nature Spirit Awareness Exercises

Our other exercise; Contacting spirit guides and friends would be useful for you to work with too as this will help you to more deeply sense and interact with any nature spirits you draw to yourself.

Once you have established an association with nature spirits in one place then you will find it easier to do the same in other environments.

Meeting & trying to engage with specific nature devas, elementals or spirits

Here I give a list of nature spirits, at least most of the ones I have encountered and also where you can be likely to find them and in some cases what to do to make this more possible. I am sure there are probably more types than what I list here, but I only speak or write of what I have encountered myself.

Water Nymph or Water Spirit

So, for example, to meet a water nymph or spirit then sit or stand on a rock in the middle of a stream. You may will feel the presence by the movement of water energies within you as I do when a water spirit is saying hello.

Dryads or Tree Nymphs or Spirits:

The same for a tree spirit; sit with your back to a tree or better still find a tree with a space in it’s roots to sit in. I found one tree like this in a woodland trust wood close to where I used to live and where I took people on nature spirit guided awareness walks to connect with nature spirits. Many who came used this under tree space and successfully connected with the spirit of the tree. The tree circle that was my starting point for my awakening was cut down some years later. I went back a few days later to work with the tree Dryads to help them move on from the shock and trauma. We spent some time doing healing in this place and moving some of the tree spirits to other places to live.

Sea Spirits, Mermaids:

To connect with a mermaid then obviously you need to be by or in the sea, preferably in a remote, clean and unpolluted place. Personally I would sit on a rocky outcrop as close to the sea as possible, I would also project my consciousness out into the sea deep underwater to make my presence felt.

Sand spirits:

To become aware of sand spirit then sit on a beach and feel the sand and the wash of the waves over it.

Fairies & Faeries:

These spirits tend to sit in the centre part of an medium to small tree space. Again I found one tree that was regularly ‘occupied’ and had people sit part way up this tree to become aware of this fairy.


These beings seem to ‘look after’ the vegetation at ground level including the decomposing and composting materials so anywhere in a wood that is lush, natural and unspoilt.


These beings as miners tend to be associated with underground; although I often find them wandering around in woods too.


I find these beings by streams and rocky places. They seem to be associated with rocks and at times water.


Cliffs, rocky spaces, caves and dark places too. At Belsay Hall in Northumberland I came across my first troll standing under the arch carved out of the rock. It was not until later that I realised that this actually makes a bridge and so the saying that trolls often guard bridges may have some meaning? The other main time I came across Trolls was in a dark area in the same woods that has the fairy tree, there were 4-5 of them in a group – very intrigued by me as far as I can remember and me not sure how to relate to them.


I have come across elves rarely and always in well kept places in woods and parks.


Strangely enough I have not actually come across any of these. These are described as ‘fire’ spirits.


I met a few leprechauns, they are good fun and tend to be quite cheeky. The first I met was in a park in Newcastle upon Tyne just outside the University where I work – he came and sat next to me on the bench as I had lunch and spent his time trying to take the piss out of me.

Pan, Hern, the Fairy Queen and the Black Knight:

All of these anywhere, although you will probably have to already have ‘nature spirit’ connections for these beings to make their presence felt to you. I have often seen them in high energy places; tree circles and the like as well as very well kept places.

Herne: For years I had Herne as my guide whenever I was in any woods. This is the being whom looks after all the beings whom look after animals. He is a large figure with a deer skin around him and stag antlers and deer head pulled over his own. A very old series of Robin Hood represented this form very well.

Black Knight: I had the Black Knight as a guardian / protector for about 6 months too shortly after I had my awakening. This being is the guardian and protector of ‘special’ places in woods – he will keep people away from ‘sacred’ areas if they don’t have permission to enter.

Pan: I have seen and interacted with more than a dozen times. Pan is responsible for all the other nature spirits and all the nature energies. He has the most connection with places of power. The first encounter with him was while entering the Avesbury stone circles entrance. He was killing himself laughing at my panic at seeing what I initially thought must be the ‘devil’. Courtesy no less of the church using the presentation of the main nature spirit Pan as their representation of ‘Evil’. Some sceptical types might think that a good ploy to make it very easy for nature sensitive people to be accused of being in touch with something ‘evil’ and then using that as an excuse to oh call them witches and so forth and oh use that as an excuse to burn them alive. I saw Pan in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh twice; always amongst the red woods on the small hill – there are usually nature spirits in these gardens and there is an energy point amongst the rockery areas. He also appears as a chain mailed normal sized figure carrying a large light sword almost as big as himself. The ‘green man’ may be another representation of Pan although I have not seen this form.

Fairy Queen: I call her the woman in Blue as this is how I see her. She is the ‘consciousness’ responsible for all the fairies. She tends to turn up regularly when I am in woods.

Dragons and Unicorns:

Very rare the both of them. I have come across a dragon twice and unicorns once (three of them) although this also includes the ones that lived on our land in Brasil where they lived permanently.

What to do NOW? . . . . .

There are two other exercises for you to work with here. One is to help you become more sensitive to subtle energies and the other is helps you to become more deeply aware of subtle energies and increase of amplify your sensitivity to them.

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