In this healing session example and the accompanying audio we describe what we encountered while working with a client to find the cause of egyptian womansuppressed anger, rage and hate.

This opens to show that this client has had many past lives as a high priest in Egypt working in circumstances that from a moral point of view he finds abhorrent but from which he cannot escape.

During the focus that we apply to reveal the multidimensional origins of these feelings then although there is a lot of resistance against the real cause appearing. Eventually an Egyptian Goddess and her body guards come forward.

A Past Life as an Egyptian holds clues to suppressed anger, hate, powerlessness

As we are trying to understand what her presence means we are presentedegyptian pyramids with a journey along the Nile past Cairo to the pyramids as it was about 3000 years ago, in other words we are viewing the past as it was during these times. The information we get as this journey unfolds give us the clues that eventually lead us to understand what is responsible for the cause of his deep anger, rage and hate as well as feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness.

High priest to an Egyptian Goddess

egyptian face mask

Some of what is on this audio is a little gruesome as it turns out that this clients hate came from being forced to drink the blood of animal and human sacrifices as a means to help him facilitate ‘journeying’ as the high priest to the Goddess. So, we also have to return all of the ‘resonances’ that he took into his energy body to those humans sacrificed for this purpose.

After doing this we also release the anger, rage and hate that he had to keep to himself while living these lives.

Past life vow binds him forever to horrific duties

He has also made some sort of vow to the Goddess, which although is not explained very clearly in the audio is responsible for him having many past lives returning to Egyptian God Ra‘serve’ this Goddess as her high priest. We also petition to have him released from this vow which is of course binding him to these sacrificial practices and drinking the blood; which he is rather sick of to say the least.

Please note that what you hear in this client session is not a regression under hypnosis. This is being done over the phone and both myself and the client are interactively engaged with these beings accessing the past and these other dimensions directly.

Everything we talk about in the audio we are very much aware of and ‘with’ in that moment.

You will notice that Dee very much gets into the energy of these past times and starts speaking things that can only be from him being the high priest in these lives. We also see the Egyptian God Ra or it may be Horus I’m not sure – this being was with the Goddess and was more there as a body guard or protector to her.

Extreme causes of past life entity attachments

demon type entity attachmentIn earlier sessions we had spotted that Dee had many negative ‘demon’ type entity attachments about 10,000 in all.

We affectionately describe as the ‘Mad Hordes’ in the audio. These were all completely blocked off behind a very strong barrier of so called energy protection as a means of keeping them at a distance.

Drinking blood causes some problems

During the session I take Dee through returning the ‘resonances’ or energy essences of those people whose blood he drank as part of his role as the high priest. Him taking in their essences was of course the main factor responsible for binding many of these spirits to him.

Returning the essences released these beings and as a result this reduced the numbers of the ‘mad hordes’ by about a third.

Returning ‘essences’ from human sacrifices releases entities

It took another two sessions to clear the other 6-7,000 still attached. These beings had been disturbing him for many, many years in this lifetime and in many other life times too. It’s no fun having a vow that automatically will keep dragging you back to doing the same thing or being bound to the same behaviour. Especially when you don’t agree with what you have to do and it traumatises you and of course because in ONE life you made a vow you cannot understand why you feel compelled.

So, the audio follows;

I deal with these types of situation as a matter of course during my healing sessions with clients. You would be amazed at the influences in your life that are due to past life ties, vows, traumas and so on.

Notes on Energy and Psychic Protection: This client suffered for many years from entity attacks which were recently alleviated by another healer putting up this barrier. I say ‘alleviated’ here as energy protection is a typical crisis management healing strategy which avoids actually dealing with why these beings should be acting against him in the first place. To not deal with these beings fully to find the cause results in;

  • More beings becoming attached to him in the future (in this case his vow with the Goddess would pull him back to having more lives drinking blood from human sacrifice victims) and this new build up will then require yet more energy barriers. As we dealt with this vow then this will not happen.
  • Each energy protection barrier reduces full spectrum awareness and sensory acquisition (causes blind spots), can impact on mental clarity, vision, hearing, sensory perception, feeling sensitivity, limit ‘accessing’ capabilities and so on.
  • These attacking beings don’t get a chance to recover part of their ‘soul energy’ and so they continue having to function in a reduced way as well as being tied to this life of being sacrificed too. These beings / people had been sacrificed probably in an uncaring and casual manner, in terror and suffering. Although they would be mistaken for ‘demons’ or crazy ‘mad dog’ type attacking entities by most healers, they are in fact only like this because of what they suffered.
  • And finally; each barrier that goes up simply pushes this problem further and further into the background limiting the chances that a true resolution will ever be achieved. As this barrier was out at a distance of about a half mile (it was a mile in diameter); then most healers whom only check out immediate surroundings are not likely to spot this and even if they do it’s highly unlikely to be dealt with either when there are 10,000 negative beings behind it all wanting to kick the shit out of their client!!

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