This is an audio of what we encountered while working with a client (Goran) to find out what was blocking his explorations and star in spacerecovery of various ‘things’ of himself.

We had been working for a while to recover feeling potential. Sometimes things in the past can be so extreme and painful that we block off from these feelings and our ability to feel. We have been working for a few sessions now to resolve this. In a previous session we found some sealed feeling spheres (what we call ‘feeling balls’ in the audio) these are sealed energy spheres containing feelings that Goran has discarded. This is the first and so far the only time I have come across this particular way of dealing with difficult feelings. Most people seal off feelings in their energy field.

We also have some soul shadow forms to check up on that we reclaimed a few weeks back (these are much like large soul fragments). It had taken us quite a bit of effort to bring these into a ‘safe’ environment; about ten times the effort that it would take with any other client; there are lots of things acting on us to prevent us reclaiming what Goran has in the past lost (probable personally discarded).

So, to recap; we have loads of ‘spheres’ (Balls) containing feelings which has been Goran’s way of ‘surviving’ difficult emotional times by ‘dumping’ feelings into energy containments. Also we recovered some soul shadow forms a few weeks back and have left teams to nurse these back to ‘health’. Sorting out both these is a routine matter for my teams so we are surprised when the next session they are still not dealt with.

So, the following audio is us entering that dimensional space and checking up on what we left to be dealt by the teams from the previous week; the feeling spheres and energy forms. What we find confirms to us that things continue to be interfered with – as nothing is moving. Goran is the only client that this is happening to.

We have been finding lots of things VERY intent on preventing Goran recovering himself and these are very strongly acting on both these areas. For example it looks like time has been slowed down effecting both these items and also the beings left working with them. Which seems impossible / crazy but that’s what is going on. So, this session we focus yet again (this is probably the third time) to find what is doing this.

Goran’s soul history is a little different to what I am used to. His ‘soul’ originates from a ‘magical realm’ and so much of what we end up dealing with in his sessions stretches even me.

So, the audio below is about what appears when we focus to engage with what is blocking his progress. We appear in a vast space landscape with what can only be described as an artificial star in front of us – the scale is huge. This star structure is artificial and is the part of the technology acting to cause these challenges and we have to figure out how to switch it off or destroy it.

We then do another focus to look for other things and while investigating what turns up we refocus again to reveal anything misdirecting us as I feel we may be being led a merry chase. This then reveals even weirder things which takes some time to figure out and deal with.

Additional Notes

  • One client Ivan has guides that look like Christmas trees whom love figuring out how things work and taking things apart.
  • Goran as a being originally from a magical realm sometimes turns up on a dragon with him carrying a magical sword. (He’s Swedish you know! – So, a Viking heritage in overdrive may be diagnosed?).
  • For some things Goran seems to be able to ‘make’ a button which when pressed ‘does the business’. This is obviously a representation of his magical abilities. The rest of us have to resort to spit, smoke and mirrors?
  • The Hal 2010 reference relates to the bubble like space ship that appears and flies past us on the way to merge with the ‘star’. The bubble looks just like the little craft used by the Hal space ship; wrong colour though. Rather than a space ship it turns out to be a representation of the virus that will disrupt this devices systems.
  • This example is from an exploration of what we refer to in WholeSoulWork terms as the Macro multiverse which is another bubble of creation separate from this one (believe it or not!). What we are actually accessing here in terms of dimensions – God only knows as we have not quite worked out where these ‘realities’ are for Goran’s sessions. Our ‘guides’ for example don’t seem to be able to enter these places – they just send in what will help when we figure out enough. With other clients everything it’s just ‘normal’ 🙂 – HA!!!
  • A final reminder. This is Goran (in Sweden) working with Clive (in the UK) over the phone interactively and coherently locked in real time into a multidimensional reality to explore the origins of some limiting issues. There is no regression, no brainwashing, no suggestion and no magic mirrors (only Goran’s magic button a dragon and WSW expertise). Scientists go fish – your basic assumptions about reality are a crock.

And Finally

Yes Goran does recover his ability to feel partially as a result of this session and all the others that were needed to dig everything up that were standing in the way of him recovering them.

More about Goran . . .

Goran also has some examples of WholeSoulWork healing sessions on my other site to look at these go here – His personal web site is

A brief explanation of this device?

If you listen to all the other audio examples here then you will get a limited idea of the range of things I deal with for client sessions. I deal with a vast variety of things but none are as bizarre as the type of encounter described here. All of my client sessions are conducted by focusing on what is responsible for causing some block or limitation. Over time I have encountered probably 90% of all types of block, being, ‘thing’ and so on acting to debilitate a client. The session with Goran here was different in that all the focuses to resolve these areas although bringing up things were either becoming stuck or gave us both the feeling that we were being sidetracked. No amount of ‘focusing’ would bring the true cause to light we were just fed minor but real things to play with.

So, in true WSW style we decided to do a none focusing focus as we determined that it was the act of focusing which was triggering the none resistant diversions and this turned out to be true. Having felt and dealt with the first one of these they have become easier but only slightly, so far I have dealt with about 10 with maybe 5 clients. This type of accessing takes an extreme capability to succeed to ‘lock’ into the ‘tuning’. I need to be quite settled to manage this.

And what exactly are we accessing? Well let me put these particular dimensions into context. Firstly I suspect that this dimension is somehow artificially created secondly it is located within a second multiverse – extreme remote viewing to say the least. So, far there have been two types of these devices – single objects like we encounter here each with resonating cells on the inner walls focusing on the centre space and also some others composed of 1000’s of individual spheres that each hold an individual resonance networked together.

They use the energy or resonance ‘blueprint’ (you could say soul blueprint) of a being to ‘lock on’ to this being no matter in which dimension it resides. Once locked on they can use this lock to manipulate both the beings ‘energies’ and it’s local environment to cause all sorts of effects. All of the effects we encountered with each client subject to these things are extreme. The only common factor so far has been to strongly prevent the client from recovering whom they are. They are disabled and destroyed by the actions of an ‘energy virus’. This is the only way I can describe what we use. My guides require that I be locked into this reality and landscape taking deep scans of all the devices for a sufficient length of time to gather all the information necessary to effect a solution. This is fed back to lets say mission control where they design something to have the effect of a broom shank pushed through wheel spokes of a bike moving at high speed. Then we sit back and watch the fire works.

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