Being introduced to land negativity still present and lingering from past times and being guided and trained to clear these energies held in the earth.

After the massive tree circle spiritual waking up experience (on this page here) Joan and I went to the Allen valley, this is another place that I am regularly drawn to. It is just off the Alston road from Hayden Bridge west of Hexham just up from a popular visiting place called Planky Mill. This is a deep sided mixed woodland valley.

As we set off from the car down the farm track Joan and I were discussing the fact that we are all responsible for all that happens on Earth and any areas that contain ‘bad vibes’ or ‘dark or lost spirits’ are our responsibility as humans to sort out and clear up.

We felt that this was part of what we need to do to help raise all the energies on Earth and rid ourselves of all the negativity that has accumulated here over long spans to time.river-still

Encountering Seriously Bad Vibes, Negative Energies From Past Lives aka ‘the Dark Side’ to Train with?

Well, a few hundred yards down the track we both started to feel quite ill. I found myself with a splitting headache and a bad stomach, this was not good. After a brief exchange, we decided to keep going and start to ‘tune in’. We then picked up a medieval peasant village that felt at least fifteen hundred years old off to our right in the woods. They had lived in small round huts with thatched roofs, all very ramshackle.

Joan and I found that we each had someone from this village with us in spirit and they were the source of the ‘bad vibes’.

Helping some lost spirit Villagers to cross over & from their Negative Past Life Experiences

We followed the footpath over a stile and into a field. We then started to get the information we need to piece together the following picture. In the village, there had been an old wise woman, she had knowledge of herbs and was well respected. However a young girl wanted this central position and eventually through manipulation and fear persuaded some of the male villagers to kill the wise woman. After this was done these involved knowing that the wise woman had power, always worried that she would come back and somehow get them. This troubled them so much that when they died their fear tied them to this place and prevented them from moving on. Joan got most of this story directly from the young girl, she explained that she had had plenty of time to think about what she had done and was very sorry, they all wanted to move on; lost spirits or what?

Internal spirit training to Help Us Gain Experience to cross over some lost souls from Past Lives

Joan then turned to me and asked me to send them over. As I was beginning to think to myself ‘Just how do I do that’, I found myself doing it. I enclosed all those involved:- the old woman, the young girl and the man in bubbles of light. I then brought these together and merged them – I somehow knew that they had to settle as much of their differences between themselves as possible before being sent over. Then I shot them skyward in their large light bubble to be delivered to the higher light beings.

This was done in such a way that it was like watching a video game. In a sense my guides were saying – ‘Right now you know how to do that – the next time its all yours’.

This teaching program by spirit/our spirit guides (the experience of myself meeting my first spirit guide you can find here) continues for many years.

Negative Energy Removal From Some Past Lives to Clear the Negative effects of some ancient battle

After this ‘sending over’, we realized that a battle had been fought in the field and it was in great need of some cleansing. Again, they showed me how to do this – just enough for me to be able to understand what was required – then it was passed over for me to do. It had been a ‘brave heart’ type battle and much blood had flowed. We spent about twenty minutes doing serious cleansing before moving off down the path and into the woods, the vibes got better and better the further we moved away from the field.

Meeting some Very Drunk Spirit Monks

About ten minutes later we came into an area of the wood that had great vibes, very light and uplifting.

Here we started to interact with about six monks all in brown monk garb with the pull over hood, again we seemed to be linking into the distant past.

It seemed that in these previous times they lived in the woods, they had shelters close by and they were feasting, with mugs of beer to wash the food down. They were singing and being very jolly – we spent some time with them as they were very pleasant company particularly so after dealing with the battle energies.