Some of my adventures and this includes those from early on had us accessing and interacting with the past. The encounters all had a distinctly different feel to them. There was no mistaking the difference between the ‘here and now’ encounters and those that were bridging other times.

Belsay Hall House NorthumberlandOne of these encounters was at Belsay Hall a National Heritage property in Northumberland. There is a Greek style villa, a castle, the original manor house and extensive landscaped grounds. When we arrived we went into the house, this is a large building with bare rooms – no furniture is allowed on display.

Having a portal to view into or access the past

As we walked through the house it gradually dawned on us that we were in what can only be described as a time warp. We were seeing the house as it was in the 1800’s. From the information given on the house and its history (which we read later) I would guess that the actual date would be of sometime in the 1830’s. So, all that follows is of what we say and who we interacted with from that period.

In the first room we met a very finely dressed woman. On conversing with her it turned out that she was the woman of the house (the wife of the owner). She was wearing a very elaborate almost ball gown type dress in blue, she did not seem to be happy.

In the next room which was the library we found the owner talking to his butler, grounds man and solicitor. They were discussing the affairs of the estate. There appeared to be some problems and they were trying to sort them out. It was here that we realized that somehow, we were really there in that time period walking around his house. We found ourselves wearing costumes of that period and that all members of the household were aware of us. At one point we even startled a footman with his ear glued to the main door listening to his masters conversation. On seeing us he fled.

Walking around seeing things & people as they were in a past time

It could be that we were phasing into and residing within people already visiting the house. This is the explanation that sits best with us. We toured the whole house in this state, seeing all the bedrooms and so on as they were in that period. We even watched some gardeners working in various parts of the garden when we went out. At one point when we were outside we came across a little girl of about six having a dolls tea party. I was so fascinated by some other things that were going on that I was not taking much noticed of her. Because of this she asked Joan if I did not like her. With this I started chatting to her and we became friends. From here she took my hand and acted as our guide as we walked through the formal and quarry gardens.

Interestingly, on my next four visits or so to Belsay Hall I would always find her slipping her hand into mine and walking around with me. I got the impression that she could only go to certain places if someone accompanied her.

First encounters with a pixie and troll

On this, our first outing to Belsay in an aware state I met my first pixie, some more fairies, my first troll and a water nymph. When we reached the castle we interacted with spirit guards, spirit cooks and so on from an even earlier period. We even walked through a herd of spirit deer that were roaming the grounds as we came back across the fields.

As we were driving away and heading for Alnmouth I became aware of a small green man standing in my lap looking out over the steering wheel. I was so shocked I almost lost control of the car. I was told that he was a nymphile – a very nice Being great fun.

Dimensional window or portal to view past times and people

This day was very much part of the ongoing training program from ‘them upstairs’. I have only covered briefly all that took place, but enough so you get the different aspects of this trip. From this I realized:

  • That these people were not ghosts (which is what I originally assumed) but that we were somehow accessing them directly on a particular day in the past. We think we did this by merging with people already visiting the estate and using them as a vehicle for our interactions although maybe they in their past saw us as weird garbed ghosts.
  • That it was therefore possible to access periods from the past consciously.

Click here to look at the English Heritage web page on Belsay Hall