How to Tune Into to Spiritual Energies, Sense Spirit & Develop Awareness of Other Dimensions/Domains of Reality

How to Learn to Tune into, Scan, Sense. Feel & See Spiritual Energies, Spirit & Spiritual Domains

When sensitives ‘tune in’ they are using specialised ‘internal’ senses to attune themselves to other frequencies of matter, none matter and or other dimensional realities. The information they receive by these internal senses is then translated so that it can be presented in a form understandable within the context of this physical reality and the persons current conceptions and experience.

A sensitive with good accessing capabilities tunes into layers or dimensions of material that are entirely none physical and therefore not easily recorded or measurable by ‘physical’ means – and beyond a certain point impossible.

In real terms reality as we know it has a gradation of ‘material’ from very ‘physical’ through to the VERY none physical.

Different healers or sensitives will each have varying abilities to tune into the different layers with greater difficulty the further from the obviously physical they get.

How Your Beliefs, Background & Training Limit & or Dictate Conceptual Boundaries & Also Deeper Understandings

The layers that some healers access particularly those specialising in the medical intuitive areas will be closer or lets say more easily related to the physical, however this does not mean that they are just accessing what to science is purely physical matter nor that all healers do the same.

So, someone with a medical bent would tend to orientate toward seeing the internal energy structures in terms of what their scientific training or current understandings dictate; medical intuitive’s for example are people whom have their translation engines attuned more so toward the physical as opposed to the various energy bodies. A sensitive whom has trained or comes from a background where chakras, meridians, energy flows and so on are normal would have their translation engine very much locked into this representation. In more simplistic terms a Japanese person would require what an English person is saying translated into Japanese rather than Croatian for them to understand what is being conveyed to them.

Beware of Formal, Pre-Defined Subtle & Symbolic Translations, Interpretations & Explanations

For some organised approaches whom train people to access the unknown then these representations or translations may be formalised. One good example of this is with the spiritualists. They work to at least one reference book which offers interpretations of internal symbols. Which basically means that those working with spiritualist guides will have what they access presented in this way so that they can immediately understand the meaning by looking up that reference in a book.

I worked with this for a while but found it limited to their ideas and understandings as well as disconcerting.

It was a bit like having a web page popup passing you pre-defined information and explanations.

I personally prefer to learn to explore, sense, feel, intuit and ‘figure out’ what I am receiving and or sensing myself directly, rather than to rely on someone else’s system of information interpretation. Like many knowledge systems of which science is one the spiritualists are being supported by their system to remain within certain boundaries.

This may be comforting for spiritualists and perhaps for scientists but this certainly did and still does not serve my own agenda.

The Accessing & Sensing Limits while Scanning Subtle Environments & the Subtle Population

Sensitives can generally only tune into one dimensional realm or reality at a time. So, although for example I can see nature spirits if I tune into that realm and ‘see/interact with these forms’ it’s then difficult for me to see/be aware of ghosts (dis-incarnate, dead people) at the same time, I can flip from one realm to another and so can be aware of a ghost standing in the same ‘space/location’ as a fairy for example and each is unaware of the other unless of course one or the other has capabilities/abilities to ‘dimensionally access’ beyond their own realm. In other words in the same way as tuning to a particular radio or television station you can only pick up one set of frequencies at a time I’ve noticed that the same holds with respect to my internal senses too.

So, there may be ‘multiple’ things occupying the same ‘virtual’ space in ‘physical’ conceptual terms as well as perhaps how this these are presented through our ‘extra’ senses.

How I Tune into, Scan & Feel the Subtle Body, Subtle Body Structures and the Subtle Environment . . . .

Here I explain about my own experiences of scanning none material realities and how this is done . . . .

When I am scanning or actively ‘tuning’ my accessing abilities into another ‘reality’ or ‘energy’ state then (for me) my internal senses build up an internal image that represents the frequencies that I am interested in viewing. This can be overlaid if I wish as a visual image over what I am seeing in this reality with my physical eyes, but you could say that this is more a case of overlaying two sets of independent information together.

So, if I am tuning into a person with my normal vision I see the person as we all normally do; in this physical reality. While at the same time I ‘see’ with my inner sense whatever ‘frequencies’ I am choosing to focus on or ‘tune’ into at that time.

So, I do this without looking with my physical eyes, in fact most whom have these capabilities including myself prefer to not physically ‘look’ at what is being tuned into as this reduces the interference or distraction of the physical. Now I don’t (for me) when accessing a person see blood vessels and organs I see ‘energy’ flows and densities. So, when they talk about chi and the flow of energy as per acupuncture it is this type of flow that I see.

This ALL depends on what I or you ‘tune’ into, you can tune into different frequencies or properties or flows or densities . . . . . what I do is not necessarily what others do.

So, what I see as black someone else may see as red or mauve or purple. Whatever colour you see is personal – each of us translates into terms that either we have been taught or that from a historical experiential perspective is our convention.

How Different People Perceive the Subtle Environment, The Subtle Body Structures & Energies in Different Ways

If you start working with a more diverse range of ‘multidimensionally sensitive’ people then you have to learn to translate into each others terms or to be honest get confused or as sometimes happens you may assume that what someone else is getting is incorrect as it is not what you are getting.

During times when I worked intensively with a group – it took us a while to either synchronise our ‘symbologies’ with each other so that we all saw the same thing or we learnt to mentally translate what our friend was seeing into our own personal terminology.

It is also true that different people tune into a different frequency or angles of information so that for example one may tune into the energy block directly, another into the feelings, another into the original situation and so on.

We each do what best represents their own skills, experiences, training, character, model and beliefs.

So, with different people tuning in you might get very different things as per translation through filters that include beliefs, models, training, culture, experience and so on.

  • A black mass cloaking the heart
  • A sealed globe around the heart
  • A dagger
  • Someone grieving

So, for the above the black mass and the sealing globe represent a seal or containment around the heart. The person in grief could be the representation of how the person felt in the original situation that this seal represents and the dagger a representation that being stabbed in the heart was how this situation made this person feel.

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