This is a post by Matt L. whom after reading this page here decided to try and become aware of these possibilities when he next travelled by plane in the united states. Matt has worked with myself for a few years and has been training to orientate himself to engage with very subtle and inner perceptions. This is his account of what he experienced . . .

While flying to my brother’s graduation in Tennessee I took a short flight from Michigan. As we are beginning our main ascent to cruising altitude I sense that ‘something’ is around.

As I’m feeling nauseous anyway (as I often do) I lean forward and close my eyes. I am then starting to ‘check’ consciously and unsure if something was coming around the plane, and I realize that my visual sense will be misleading and is part of the distraction and with my eyes closed I start to focus strongly on ‘pushing’ against anything interfering with my awareness while at the same time I am focusing very hard on ‘locking on to’ whatever is going on around me.

With my eyes closed to I engage with my other senses more.

Some Alien Droid Robots Appear & Start Scanning People

I then start to feel these floating ‘bots’ that are shaped roughly like mushroom tops that are of a silver metallic colour. On the front of them what looks like a dashboard with some kind of green lights and buttons. I get that they are droid robots and they are here scanning certain people. After focusing on those closest to me while they are doing this then after a while I feel that they are scanning a woman whom is sitting in front of and to right of me. I notice she is a stewardess BUT not on active duty which strikes me as interesting.

At this point I feel that there are a few more that I’ve not yet become aware of. On become aware that some others one of these new droids catches that I am ‘locking on’ to it, and it comes right up to me and starts to beam some energies into me which I really don’t like and react strongly with ‘get away’ type of feelings.

I feel a little fear but eventually I then feel it withdrawing and going about it’s business elsewhere. As this was happening then I’m focusing on what I perceive to be an ‘energy’ enclosure around our plane ‘space’.

Plane is Embedded within a High-Tech Faceted Crystal Maybe a HyperDimensional Geometry Based Structure

For a while I just focus on what the energy field around the plane feels like. The best way I can describe it is that it looks something like an elongated crystal shape with four faces, each of the faces are separate and look like this. Each of these edges is a round node that joins with the other four planes to create a crystalline structure that looks like the ‘octahedron’ in this picture below. Only it’s got more rounded edges.


If you turn this on it’s side and imagine it going long ways along a plane’s length and the middle ‘joint’ being at the planes middle, wing area you get the idea.


I eventually start seeing more detail and become aware that there are some kind of ‘transformers’ that are generating the ‘faces’ of the crystal shaped energy structure around the plane.

What is happening feels to me as what they are doing is all relatively ‘normal’, just a routine days work and is not some kind of special mission. It feels like they have being dispatched from what we would describe as a call centre and in focusing on this then I eventually see a cave-like castle type structure in the sky. It’s very bizarre, I then find myself ‘seeing’ from the vantage point of this cave-like castle ‘dispatch’ centre. I realize that this is where they despatch the alien ships from. This is relatively similar height (probably around cruising altitude of 32,000 ft or whatever). On the top of these castle bases are ‘landing pads’ where they dispatch what I would describe as much bigger ‘carrier’ ships which bring these crystal pyramid forms to a plane that they are despatched to engage with.

Hyperdimensional Alien Crystal Structure seems to Include a big Dowsing & Cleansing Vortex

I feel and see energies projecting or ‘shooting out’ out in four directions to the cardinal points. Up and down as well as left and right of the plane. I also see the pyramid and diamond faces ‘flexing’ like the sides of a bag or balloon and I see a spinning column in the middle like a gyroscope almost.

I then realize this must be a BIG dowsing unit; they’re doing scans and then beaming some energies while simultaneously creating some kind of ‘vortex’ to automatically gather ‘negativity’ which they seem to then ‘shoot’ it out of the ends or the sides of the pyramid where there is an open ‘gap’, very similar to a leaf blower.

Praying Mantis Alien & Real Reptile Aliens in Control

I also definitely saw some ‘mantid’ type (preying mantis looking) beings around and a maybe a few ‘reptiles’. They were mostly ‘mantid’ beings although not exactly like a ‘mantis’ you’d see in nature although they definitely had two insect-like antennae though. One of them was sitting in what was probably a control room in the very centre of a rotating column which was in the centre of the plane. This rotating beam of energies was somehow the focus or ‘generator’ that I felt to be dispersing energies throughout this pyramid from the inside; it seemed that the entire structure was designed as a kind of pocket which amplifies or structurally makes the tech work.

This whole experience took place while I had my eyes closed with me just ‘resting’ and sensing what I could during the flight. So the ‘scans’, dowsing and whole process with these Praying Mantis and Reptile beings went on for around 30 minutes. During the course of this time I had a few ‘thought’ lines:

I definitely felt ‘dowsed’ even though I have never worked with this in this life and don’t ‘know’ a lot about it, it made me feel like the way I used to after meditating which was a bit like ‘clean’ but more like ‘scraped clean’ of crap.

I wondered if they target planes because you have people ‘calmly’ sitting in a very ‘detached’ state inside the plane for an hour and a half or more. So, they have plenty of time to zap people with ‘whatever’ they are doing in a general sense and maybe if the scanners pick up something that they have to deal with differently then other things are done to some specific people?

Real Praying Mantis Alien Encounter Sighting Experience

I came across this page here which describes someone’s direct encounters with a praying mantis type being and there other related experiences too. There is a youtube video of a Korean news crew here that just happened to catch a mantis creature as it walked past on the skyline during a news report that they were making.

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The next page in the series is: 8. Et and Star Being encounters in the highlands of Brasil

This series presents (for the most part) my own personal experiences of physical and none physical UFO sightings as well as none physical extraterrestrial and alien encounters.

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