On this page I describe encounters with multiple types of et’s while in the highlands of Brazil.

The spiritual highlands of Brasil

Alto Paraiso half circle entranceAlto Paraiso is in a region of Brazil that is semi-arid. It is very dry with the trees clinging to the areas that have water. Lots of rivers, beautiful scenery and waterfalls (with great energies too). We enjoyed ourselves travelling around the area visiting interesting places and frequently partook of the essential swim in the local rivers.
Alto Paraiso landscape - the Brazilian highlands

Extra-terrestrial habitats and bases everywhere

As we drove around I asked my mission teams to make me aware of any star or extra-terrestrial habitats and bases. As a result of this spirit would regularly turn my head to face a particular area – which was the sign for me to tune in and take a good look. These higher dimensional Beings where to be found all over this region, with probably one habitat base in every 10 by 10 kilometre area, some were out in the open and built very tall, others were underground with perhaps just an entrance showing. Conversations with ‘those upstairs’ indicated that about 60 different Being types were working together in this region to help with the earth transition at this time.

Catching up with old et friends

We visited a ranch purchased by the owner under guidance of spirit. He had built a hostel and medical facilities and the place was used as a visiting cum retreat area for the disadvantaged with healers on hand if they needed them. Positioned over a lake on this land was a star ship which was being used as a higher dimensional hospital for Beings in this area. We explored the ranch and at one point we stopped outside the entrance to some caverns to sit and enjoy the view. After a few minutes I started to become aware that we had some light Beings with us. Tuning in revealed a group in front of us with another line of them leading off to the left. As I was ‘conversing’ with them finding out why they were here (their base was deep within the caverns and they had been here for a while). I felt that one of their kind was being passed along the line to the left to be with us. This Being came and stood in front of Cris, clearly indicating his interest in her. I told Cris about the beings and the particular interest that this one seemed to have in her. When Cris tuned in she was soon overwhelmed with the feelings she had towards him. It turned out that he was an old friend and teacher from a time when she had an incarnation on his home planet. He was like an elder in their society and well respected for his wisdom. Cris had spent time with him to learn from him. It was a meeting of old friends and they ‘communed’ with each other for some time. Cris was overjoyed with their meeting – she had always found it hard to be on earth because she missed all her friends from other places, but meeting this friend here put a different perspective on things. It made her feel less isolated and more at home here. This Being gave her a standing invitation to visit and spend time with them whenever she wanted to.

All for one and one for all?

Alto Paraiso Landscape an almost desert scene

The next day we explored a nature reserve and had a similar experience. This time we were with a group of people when I again became aware of two huge light Beings (say two and a half meters tall and very broad), converging on our path from the left. Again as I set up a dialogue with them exploring why they were here one of them expressed an interest in Cris. It turned out that they had met briefly at the end of a conference meeting during our equivalent of the cheese and wine phase. At that time they were delegates from some groups who were working together to facilitate the peace process in that region of space. Again it was a reminder that friends are perhaps not far away.

A day with some energy preparing aliens?

As this was going on with Cris I was exploring their mission here. Their base was composed of three small domed buildings stationed a few kilometres away, one for living in, one for working and one for storage. The two of them alone were responsible for an area ten by ten kilometres square. Within this area they had set up energy transmitters one every 30 meters on a square grid. A bit of maths gives us about 90,000 of these things. All are beaming out energies to raise the vibration in preparation for a future time when people would start living in this area. They were not particularly overjoyed at being here. It was strictly a case of doing a job and getting on with it. They had been on patrol checking the energy transmitters in the area when we walked passed. The Being that I was chatting with decided to come with me on our walk. They did not often get visitors who were aware of their dimensional level and he wanted to make the most of this opportunity to interact.

In body and in spirit too?

To make this even stranger? (can we really do that?). Just before we met these Beings I became aware that part of me was missing, that I was not ”all here”. From earlier chats with Cris she told me that when this happens to her it is because a part of her (an guide body part?) is off and doing things elsewhere. Cris can be fully conscious of these parts and can totally focus her consciousness within that aspect if she so wishes. Well I thought . . . . if Cris can do that why can’t I, so I did. So, at the same time as walking through the park, and talking to these Beings, the following was also happening.I became aware that I was on a station (very much like deep space nine) positioned about five kilometres above that region of Brazil. I was in a conference on that station with about two hundred other Beings. There were about sixty Being types in total all star or extra-terrestrial in origin. It was a combination of a work in progress meeting as all these Beings were responsible for the transformation occurring and the energies required in that region of Brazil. It was also about integrating the work and facilitating maximum co-operation between the different groups. Bringing them together as much as possible, creating links and sharing resources. I regularly over a three hour period checked in with what was happening at this meeting and relayed what was going on there to Cris until the meeting ended and it became more of a social gathering.

During an hour of that meeting I was making a presentation – putting up charts, giving figures and so forth. I gathered from this that my guide form was directly involved with planning the next nine month phase and getting everyone co-coordinate and doing their bit. Well I have to say that I cannot even remember preparing the speech, never mind planning the work!!!

Commentary: Although I had worked with Star and Extra-terrestrial Beings consciously for over a year, it was always in a more indirect and distanced way. These experiences made me more aware of the following:

  • That different countries perhaps have a different mix of Being types working with them and that Brazil seems to have a predominance of Star and Extra terrestrial types on the ground as it were.
  • The plane episode made me realize that even people who are totally unaware can be worked upon and be having their energies transformed.
  • That in some places the earth is literally littered with teaming higher dimensional habitats and bases.
  • That old friends that we have met in other times, other levels and other places can be here now to facilitate the changes that we are going through and are approachable.
  • It greatly increased my awareness of my true multidimensional nature. Making me directly aware that one can be functioning quite happily in many places at once and that it is possible to be directly aware of these parts. Since this experience I can be aware of where my higher aspects are and what they are doing. Many times I am aware that they are in energy chambers of many different types receiving energy directly to facilitate my transformation on this and other levels.
  • That we probably don’t really have any conception of how many beings (light or otherwise) we have here to help us, or the immense level of organization and co-operation going on at all levels to get this job done or of how much we ourselves are an active part of this process as energy beings on many different levels.

Other UFO encounters

In the UK during my mid to late teens I saw 2-3 UFO’s, one when I was on my way back from a school outing with all of my friends. We all saw this in the dark on a clear night, we stood and watched a red sphere / saucer buzz around over the hill across the valley from us for about 15 minutes. A friend from school whom lived on the hill saw it too and rang the local airport to see if they were picking it up on radar. The next was while rowing a dingy with my brother on lake Windermere. Bigger grey object that held steady for ages in broad daylight, then disappeared and then came back and glinted in the light before disappearing again.

So, anyone else have any tales of UFO’s, or close encounters of the weird kind? Let us know by writing in the comment box below?

Encounters with Star People; UFO Stories Told by American Indians

An interesting book review can be found here on encounters with: STAR PEOPLE, Ardy Sixkiller Clarke. Encounters with Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians. Anomalist Books, 2012.

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