So, the previous pages in this UFO, Aliens and Extraterrestrial series recount my sleep paralysis phase and a couple of ‘normal’ physical UFO sightings and the additional odd things that I now remember relating to these events.

About 20 years after my sleep paralysis and UFO sightings phase and about 10 years after I became able to consciously access other layers or domains of reality I had some very different and direct encounters with what some would describe as aliens from higher dimensions or what some others would call ‘star’ beings.

First Encounter with Higher Dimensional Alien Beings

My abilities to directly and consciously access other realities (as I describe here) started in 1993. A few years later I became self employed as a healer facilitator and worked with people doing healing sessions, initiations as well as of taking people into nature to engage with nature spirits. I was invited to Godolming in the south of England to work with a group of people and as part of my time with them we all went out to one of the local National Trust places.

I did this as part of the training to help guide them all to tune into and become aware of other domains of reality and to help them to become more comfortable doing this. One of the women Giselle had worked at this place and had felt very good there and this is why we’d come to this particular place as it was obvious (to me) that she was unconsciously aware of ‘something’ there.

As we entered the park along the entrance path then very quickly an area in the open field on our left attracted me. It felt different.

So, we all left the main path and walked to this spot which I felt was the centre of what I felt was ‘different’ there. Once at this ‘spot’ I had everyone stand there, and just spend time feeling and sensing that space. I also had everyone do a ‘statement of intent’ to increase and to focus their awareness and perceptions on ‘whatever’ was in the space we were standing within.

Tuning into & Engaging with a Higher Dimensional Underground Extraterrestrial Base

Eventually myself and a few of the others could sense that we were standing in what could only be described as high-tech subtle or higher dimensional building which we estimated as being about five meters in diameter.

On spending more time feeling into this structures space we realized that this was the surface entrance to a larger underground set up.

At the same time some of the occupants of this structure appeared and stood amongst us. Gisele who’d worked there immediately identified the presence of these higher dimensional alien type beings with the feelings that she recognized as the ones that had made her feel good that she’d felt at times when she’d worked there.

These beings were extraterrestrials (or planet dwellers if you prefer) from a higher energy level or dimension and they were here it seemed to facilitate with the so called spiritual awakening and evolving process supposedly happening at this time. This park was for them an ideal place to interact with people. In some ways people who seek out beautiful and restful places to spend time in are more relaxed and open to receiving what they have to offer.

These Higher Dimensional Aliens are Supposedly Facilitating some Spiritual Process

You could say that Gisele was familiar with them because they were from somewhere that were part of her own origins. This is why she could feel the familiarity and why we all felt ‘safe’ with these beings. While we were in the ‘space’ of that structure the beings that turned up made adjustments to our own energy fields.

We then spent about an hour walking around the park and in so doing we found two other entrances to their underground base. However, both of these were positioned within the waters of a lake. This may sound a bit strange, but perhaps a higher dimensional being is not going to be very bothered by a spot of deep water in a related dimension. It would seem to me that in this instance the physical water would make very little difference to themselves living in a separate domain of reality.

At about six different places within the park we came across large strategically placed subtle energy devices that were each beaming out different energies that would cause changes to those close by. These devices were about raising awareness, removing negativity, increasing openness, helping with the integration of new energies and so on. Some of these devices were interactive and would adapt to work with people as individuals with respect to what they needed at this time while other devices were just beaming out energies of a fixed but specific mixture.

At the time this happened I don’t think I’d had any encounters of this kind at least not as ‘clearly’ of higher dimensional alien types as I had here.

From what I can remember of this day I went along with what I was perceiving and I’d stand by what I write here, however, I can also remember having a very slight uncomfortableness about it all. I ‘think’ I assumed this uncomfortableness was because their presence was well established, extensive and because it was all obviously very well organized in terms of what they were doing.

Do Extraterrestrial Aliens or Higher Dimensional Aliens Actually Exist?

On the other hand, higher dimensional and hence inconveniently invisible aliens turning up from other worlds? That these beings are presented as invisible BUT are overlaid onto a physical environment backdrop as existing as higher dimensional beings and that they have an extensive subtle none physical base encompassing any entire area of parkland as a physical backdrop just so these alien ‘helpers’ of some so called ‘spiritual’ process can interact with people in a relaxing setting while only being ‘visible’ to very specific people.

So, let’s try and look at this from a different perspective.

We have a lot of people claiming and many in fact whom are quite adamant that they’ve had a very personal, very vivid alien abduction experience that are to themselves shit scary if not terrifyingly very, very real while being entirely unobservable and therefore entirely impossible to confirm to anyone else while offering no solid confirmable physical evidence that these experiences ever happened and no evidence even that any aliens ever existed. While down the road in a very nice local park space we have some so called higher dimensional aliens living underground whom strangely are only ‘visible’ to specific people whom then have their very own specific experiences relating to these encounters which are also often seriously REAL to those having them while also magically being impossible to confirm by anyone else.

Is there a pattern here?

Isn’t it ‘odd’ that reality apparently and amazingly manages every single time to conspire to present very specific people with very, very specific experiences while making sure that these experiences will always be impossible to convey never mind impossible to be confirmed by anyone except perhaps indirectly and inconclusively by another whom has experienced either the same or something similar?

Is Our Reality Specifically Managing Extraterrestrial & Alien Sightings & Experiences?

The only other consistent ‘experience’ that matches up with what I describe above is of playing some very sophisticated immersive computer game which has within the game itself some hidden sub domains which only specific players get access to because of their accumulated attributes, skills or level of experience. All others are prevented from ever gaining access to these specific hidden spaces which are often considered mythical by others whom don’t get access.

Could it be that it is reality itself that is actually conspiring to present specific experiences to very specific people while ensuring that no matter what they do ‘others’ just won’t ever have these experiences. Under what circumstances would reality itself be trying to individually match experiences to specific people while hiding these experiences from many as well as specific others?

How many different ‘weird’ experiences of different weird things would it take before you’d accumulate enough experience of enough of these weird impossible none physical ‘things’ to start becoming aware of some overall ‘weird’ patterns and ‘oddities’ relating to these?

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 Higher Dimensional Aliens from Invisible UFO docked with Aircraft Encounter

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