As mentioned on other pages I’ve been taking various diverse ‘investigation’ lines in attempts to understand and resolve various debilitating personal issues.

Over the space of a decade I made an effort to orientate to ‘engage’ with myself and each of my issues directly and consistently. So, rather than do what most people do which is to automatically keep ‘negative’ aspects of themselves at a distance I actually over this time made an effort and taught myself to increasingly orientate my attention to take notice of issues I had while ALSO orientating my senses and perceptions to engage with these issues and particularly to try and gain more understanding of different aspects of myself, specific issues and their past origins.

My Over Sensitivity and NOT Aware of Sleeping Issue

One of the issues I was keen on understanding and resolving was a ‘not sleeping’ problem.

Basically I was rarely aware of actually sleeping or of dreaming. In my terms I deeply ‘rested’. When I went to bed to sleep then most of the time I’d end up in a very, very relaxed, very switched off state BUT within this ‘state’ I was also ‘aware’, you could say that I was still conscious. I was also what you could describe as very ‘sensitive’.

So, it’s not that I absolutely wasn’t sleeping, it was that I always seemed to remain ‘aware’ while in the state that others would likely describe as ‘sleeping’. I was aware of being consciously aware of myself and my environment which as a result made me aware that I was NOT aware of having what you’d describe as ‘blank’ times when I’d ‘consciously’ be sleeping.

To set the ‘physical’ scene. In my mid teens the curtain for my bedroom window was a ‘blackout’ curtain, behind which was a dark brown roller blind. With the blind down and the curtain drawn, no external light would enter and noises outside would also be dampened down somewhat. With my bedroom door fully shut, then light entering under the bottom the door would I’d exclude with a blanket pushed against and along the bottom of the door. In other words with the room lights off it would be pitch black.

However, I was so sensitive that I would find myself coming fully awake if the ‘catch’ to our rear garden entrance gate which was actually hidden around the corner of the back of the house to the left of my bedroom: actually ‘clicked’. If it ‘clicked’ then it was likely that someone (or a cat) was on our property and entering the back garden space.

Just to give you an idea of my ‘sensitivity’ setting. A few times I even heard this click in a storm. I also ‘checked’ enough to know that what I was ‘getting’ was correct. I’d sometimes fully open the curtains and roll up the blind and in the dark I’d check out our back garden and yard space. I’d see a cat enough times that I eventually figured out that if a cat jumped onto the top of our gate to get over it then this would ‘disturb’ the gate enough that it could ‘jar’ open the ‘clicking’ catch. I’d occasionally have to get up and close the ‘clicked’ open gate because in a mild breeze the gate could squeak enough to keep myself disturbed whilst in stronger winds it could swing enough to knock against the gate post or wall. Either of these was enough to seriously disturb my normally ‘super relaxed’ unsleeping state.

My parents saw me as ‘nervous’ or ‘anxious’, however it was the other way round I was just overly sensitive in sensory terms and would pick up and react to things others were often not even aware of, didn’t notice or didn’t take notice of. So, I personally at that time didn’t relate to myself as a generally anxious or nervous person and never have.

However I’d easily relate to being too aware while also taking in too much sensory information compared to others. Hence all the examples presented on this site that relate to ‘senses’ that most others for the most part seem to not even be aware of even though you reading this most likely have the very same senses as myself but haven’t spent serious time engaging with them either.

My Personal Sleep Paralysis & Scary Presences Described

So, the above is how I was with respect to ‘sleeping’ until just after my mid teens when my sleeping ‘problem’ gradually became much worse.

Because I’m interested in ‘weird’ experiences and particularly so because I seem to have more of them than others then I tend to read about ‘weird’ subject areas and in reading about UFO and alien areas recently I became aware that many people seem to have alien abduction experiences AND that these experiences are often linked (perhaps 100% so) to what is termed a sleep paralysis condition. Reading of these sleep paralysis areas reminded me that I myself had experienced a sleep paralysis phase from at least my late, mid teens to late teens and perhaps even into my early 20’s.

Sleep paralysis image of a shadowy grey figure looming over myself
Sleep paralysis image of a shadowy grey figure looming over myself

During my late mid teens and on I regularly experienced this sleep paralysis state. A state of being conscious and aware but of my body being unresponsive to any efforts to move. I’d often manage to ‘break’ out of this paralysed state by putting an enormous amount of effort into moving one finger as a means to re-engage my physical body. As I have a very strong will then I could break out of this state most times I found myself in it, even though it could take some time to do this.

Sometimes in this state I’d feel, sense or directly experience a presence (only one at a time as far as I can remember) and on rare occasions I’d ‘see’ a transparent, colourless, shadowy figure either close to myself or looming over me and once maybe twice I felt as if I was actually being strangled by this figure. This ‘strangling’ effect ONLY happened when I was both aware of a presence AND when this presence was looming over me. I never thought ‘aliens’ (are you crazy?).

Sleep paralysis image of a shadowy ghost like figure
Sleep paralysis image of a shadowy ghost like figure

The presences I saw were obviously ‘visible’ BUT they were also indistinct, they were without detail while also being sufficiently vaguely ‘humanoid’ in outline that my imagination was likely kept contained. I should point out that I’m very ‘visual’ and imaginative and that I can mentally construct or duplicate objects, rotate them and look at them from different angles and different perspectives. In this respect, getting a GCE ‘A’ for technical drawing was easy.

The ‘not aware of sleeping’ and being way too sensitive at night issue reduced ‘noticeably’ after meditating for an hour or more a day for 3/4 years in my mid to late 20’s.

More recently, I’ve understood and resolved all the factors contributing to these sleeping issues and as a result I no longer have any combination of these. For example some subtle implants were hugely contributing to the ‘not aware of sleeping’ problem by keeping me permanently ‘semi’ alert (I describe finding and dealing with these here).

I’d say I now sleep normally (whatever ‘normal’ is). I go to bed, I gradually fall asleep within an hour or so, I sleep, then I wake up and amazingly I’m aware of having ‘lost’ time through sleeping, I also have dreams now too and quite often I can remember them in great detail. I’m also way less ‘automatically’ sensitive at night as well.

So, Very Scary, BUT No Sleep Paralysis Induced Alien Abduction Experience

So, I didn’t experience an alien ‘abduction’ (I never thought in these terms, even though during my teens I read a lot of science fiction which would likely have included ‘aliens’ while also never missing an episode of Dr Who (or similar series). The presences although only being VERY scary occasionally did get to a point where I can remember having phases of being anxious about going to bed. I think I mentioned some of this to my mother at that time (although I probably kept it ‘simple’ so she’d not worry about it).

For the most part I just dealt with it. I never thought ‘aliens’ or in alien abduction terms in the slightest. From my perspective this was just another ‘issue’ that I took a ‘stand’ against. Bare in mind that my biggest issue at that time was a stammer and speech block and all that comes with this so for me this was just ‘something else’ debilitating.

My Sleep Paralysis Started around the time I had two UFO sightings

Now however, thinking about this sleep paralysis phase in retrospect. Then just before or early on during this sleep paralysis experience phase I saw at least three UFO’s one of which I now cannot remember probably because it was likely to have been a brief ‘seen for a moment’ sighting while the other two sightings weren’t brief and as a result I can remember them in great detail.

One sighting was when I was on my way back from an after school badminton match with my friends and team mates. We all saw this in the dark on a clear night, we stood and watched a red sphere / saucer buzz around over the hill across the valley from us for about 15 minutes. A friend from school whom lived on the hill saw it too and rang the local airport to see if they were picking it up on radar. The next sighting was while rowing a dingy with my brother on lake Windermere. This was a very much bigger silver grey object that held steady for ages in broad daylight, then disappeared (hid from my self behind a cloud) and then came back before disappearing later on. I describe both of these sightings in great detail on the pages that follow in this series.

Has anyone else seen a UFO or UFO’s just before or while in a phase of experiencing sleep paralysis?

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 Ouston, County Durham, UK Red ‘Blip’ High Speed, 15 minute, UFO Sighting

UFO, Alien, Extraterrestrial Experiences Series . . . .

The next page in the series is: 2. Ouston, County Durham, UK Red ‘Blip’ High Speed, 15 minute, UFO Sighting

This series presents (for the most part) my own personal experiences of physical and none physical UFO sightings as well as none physical extraterrestrial and alien encounters.

These experiences are intermixed with unusual general observations as well as some ‘off the edge’ speculations relating to these incidents.