The other ‘major’ UFO sighting happened while I was on holiday with my family in my mid teens. We camped at Grizedale Hall camp site which is just south of Hawkshead and Ambleside.

We spent one day out at the north end of lake Windermere. We parked in a small parking area just off the main road and walked a short distance carrying all our stuff (including the dingy), air beds for sun bathing on and perhaps even a gas cooker to make tea and lunch. So, basically our ‘base’ was just off and just in sight of the main road along the lake.

Lake Windermere, UFO sighting
Lake Windermere, UFO sighting

The UFO sighting was specifically while I was in a yellow rubber dingy with my brother on lake Windermere. We were in the dingy toward the north end of Windermere generally on the east side of the lake and I was facing south with my brother facing north. It was a clear, sunny day with only a few clouds in the sky. The UFO sighting happened between mid morning and late afternoon in broad daylight. It was very likely mid afternoon when I saw it.

In the generally clear sky I noticed a largish (not just a ‘glow’ or reflective point) silver grey disc just to the left of a very small cloud in the sky south of where we were. My brother was rowing with his back to the UFO and I was more or less lying back in a ‘lounging’ position with my line of sight generally into the sky probably between 25 to 45 degrees above the horizon rather then down the length of the lake itself. The UFO was probably over a mile away but it was big enough to notice detail as in being different shades of grey or silver and particularly that it wasn’t completely spherical but was very definitely disc shaped. In other words it seemed to have a flat or flattish bottom.

The above is a ‘made up’ edited image of what I saw that day. However,  there was a much bigger ‘blue’ space between the cloud and UFO craft and the other clouds than shown in this image.

When I first saw it, it was stationary. Overall, it didn’t move much but at one point it seemed to deliberately move behind a small cloud that was positioned to it’s right (west). The cloud was suspiciously small in that it was only about 2 or 3 times the diameter of the disc itself and it was the only cloud in a large area of sky completely isolated from the rest.

The UFO’s Movements & Orientation gave me the feeling that I was Being Watched

The first time I saw the UFO it was stationary and in a position about 10 UFO disc diameters in width to the left of the cloud. At the point where it moved and went behind the cloud I got the distinct impression or ‘feeling’ that it did this because I had spotted it and was watching it and so it had deliberately moved and had ‘hidden’ itself from my viewpoint by disappearing behind the small cloud.

Yellow spot was our parking, picnic area. Red spot is the dingy UFO sighting spot. Grey disc represents UFO

Illustration of Silver grey UFO sighted in sky over Lake windermere
Illustration of Silver grey UFO sighted in sky over Lake windermere

A few minutes after it ‘hid’ behind the cloud I then saw it ‘slide’ out to the left from behind the cloud. It then maintained a stationary position to the left of the cloud effectively leaving a small, perhaps a half UFO disc gap between itself and the cloud. The UFO’s re-appearance quite disturbed me because this time the disc was ’round’, and it was round because it seemed that it’s underside was directly facing myself. Because of this very ‘personal’ orientation, I very seriously felt as if I was being specifically and personally watched.

I probably saw this UFO for between 5 to 10 minutes in total. The sky was blue and clear for a great distance (miles) all around the UFO and cloud combination ‘air space’ although there were other clouds at a distance from this cloud. Overall I was also suspicious about the cloud itself as it didn’t seem to move during the time the UFO disc was around. However, the other clouds in the sky were too far away from the suspicious cloud for me to be sure that it’s movement or lack of movement was actually ‘really’ suspicious.

UFO Sighting happened when I Started my Sleep Paralysis Phase

From what I remember, this sighting very likely happened before the last one and although I cannot remember ‘date’ wise it’s likely that this sighting was ‘just’ before the sleep paralysis phase began. I didn’t mention seeing the UFO to my younger brother (who was likely about 13 or 14 at the time). This was mostly because it ‘felt’ that if I said anything it would disappear and he’d not see it anyway.

Was there anything else ‘suspicious’ about these UFO sightings days?

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