Having come back to this site after not doing anything here for years and reading through the old articles I began to realize how little detail I’d written compared to how ‘detail’ rich the ‘nature spirit’ experiences had been when I’d had them. Because of this then I’ve been spending hours and days going over the old articles and my memories and more so the ‘feeling’ and perceptual details of all of the articles here AND also the new ones that I’m writing to.

So, in writing the previous pages in this UFO, Alien Abduction, Sleep Paralysis series I was making a great effort to remember as much detail as possible about these UFO sightings.

To do this, I’ve basically been coming back to these pages every few days over a few months and spending time reengaging with these experiences and to put myself back into these ‘days’ to get as much detail and understanding as possible not only of the UFO sightings BUT of how these specific ‘days’ were in a general sense and also how I was within myself on those days.

Because of spending this amount of time engaged with these two days than a few interesting things emerged.

Lake District, Lake Windermere UFO sighting ‘Day’ Oddnesses

In remembering more about the Lake Windermere UFO day I gradually became aware that this ‘day’ and how I was within myself on that day was decidedly ‘odd’. You could say that I was ‘NOT’ my normal self. I can remember myself having what I’d describe as a background ‘uneasy’ or displaced feeling as if ‘something’ in general that I couldn’t identify or understand just ‘wasn’t right’. So, I can remember myself being ‘on edge’ that day BUT not for any reason that I could fathom. Just to make this explicit, this ‘out of sorts’ feeling started in the morning well before I spotted the UFO.

I wrote the last paragraph above about a week ago AND in spending more time engaging with that day then I’m pretty sure that something happened that very much disturbed my sleep during the previous night. It could very well be that I had some sort of dream or inner experience that contributed to this. So, it is likely that something happened during the night that was responsible for me feeling ‘out of sorts’. However, as I’ve already mentioned, as at this age I was not aware of sleeping or of having dreams then having some sort of disturbing ‘dream’ is also then odd too.

This is purely speculation as I’ve no recollection or even a feeling of ‘aliens or UFO’ from the night BUT it’s possible that I was been ‘messed with’ during the night by ‘something’ associated with the UFO I saw later? Perhaps if something ‘alien’ flavoured happened during the night then perhaps ‘they’ were checking up on me ‘afterwards’? This could both explain the ‘out of sorts’ feeling with no ‘coherent’ origins and my very strong feeling that I was being watched by the UFO I saw over the lake.

Again, although I cannot remember I’m now actually suspicious that this ‘days’ events might have actually been the precursor that started the sleep paralysis. If it was then I didn’t make this connection at that time.

The specific place that we went to that day was also ‘odd’ in terms of it’s ‘location’ too.

We regularly as a family went camping to the Lake District and we likely camped there two or three times a year. My father was a teacher and so had plenty of holiday’s, such that we generally ‘camped’ for 3 to 4 weeks during the 6 week summer school holidays and because we went to the ‘Lakes’ regularly then we had ‘favourite’ places that we’d make a point of going to. So, not only was the lake Windermere place not one of our regular special places, it also wasn’t a place that actually ‘fits’ with the type of places we’d generally spend time at either. Being parked and sitting right next to and in sight of a busy road was definitely NOT our usual choice of location at all. Also having our sitting space on the edge of lake which would result in people walking right past and even ‘through’ our space wasn’t our ‘style’ either.

From what I can remember, this was the first time and the last time we went to that particular location.

Do UFO sightings happen more frequently on ‘Different’ days or days with different Routines?

From what I can remember of the first UFO sighting, the badminton match ‘event’ ended up as being a ‘one off’ event. In other words, this was the first and last school badminton match that had us playing against a different school. As this was itself the first such event and the first time we’d played in an actual school badminton ‘match’ against others at another school then this would have made this day very ‘different’ for all of us.

If I remember correctly we were driven to Pelton Rosebury school in our own schools sports bus, which was of course regularly used for more ‘normal’ sports such as football and hockey matches, so that in itself made this day ‘different’ and in some respects ‘exciting’ from what I can personally remember.

Because of these differences then I personally cannot identify ‘different’ feelings or ‘personal’ states that related to the badminton match ‘event’ compared to ‘differences’ because it was the day I saw and watched a UFO for 15 to 20 minutes.

To me now, I’d say that it’s ‘interesting’ that both these days were themselves ‘one off’ days beyond the UFO sightings. Both of these days either had an activity or involved a place that was ‘out of context’ compared to what was normal in a routine or ‘expected’ sense while for myself I was also feeling ‘out of sorts’ for no reason that I could fathom on one of these days too.

Has anyone else noticed that trying to recall details of ‘weird’ reality experiences is often both significantly harder than ‘none weird’ but interesting experiences whilst also being more difficult to write a good coherent and encompassing description of too? If I was sceptical I’d say that perhaps there is ‘something’ making people ‘rush’ descriptions and to make it difficult to spend the time and effort to really engage with the entire experience and what was happening before and after. Only by doing this are you in a position to recall the full details leading up to as well as after these events.

Only in doing this might you notice further odd things both about the day itself, the event in question and your own general state and mood.

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Extraterrestrial Technologies Raising Consciousness in Parkland

UFO, Alien, Extraterrestrial Experiences Series . . . .

The next page in the series is: 5. Extraterrestrial Technologies Raising Consciousness in Parkland

This series presents (for the most part) my own personal experiences of physical and none physical UFO sightings as well as none physical extraterrestrial and alien encounters.

These experiences are intermixed with unusual general observations as well as some ‘off the edge’ speculations relating to these incidents.