In sixth form I was a member of the school badminton team and after playing in a badminton match a small group of us ended up walking home from Pelton to Ouston (In County Durham. UK). While walking between the North end of Perkinsville village along the path at the side of the open road leading into Ouston one of us noticed a UFO in the sky to the east of our position.

ouston-ufoAll of us then ended up standing by the road spending at least 15 and more likely 20 minutes watching this UFO, much of the time it was zipping around at unbelievable speeds. From what I can remember the object spent most if not all of it’s time positioned above an estate called Vigo which was located on the other side of the valley east of ourselves and east of Ouston.

Red blip, Very Manoeuvrable, High Speed UFO

This small bright red ‘light’ UFO was moving at unbelievably fast speeds, it could move in an elliptical trajectory probably well over a mile in diameter in way less than a second (too fast to time).

We saw and watched it stay completely stationary for anything from seconds to perhaps a minute and then from this stopped state it would move either to another fixed point at a distance or it would move in a circular or elliptical path at unbelievable acceleration and speed.

If you moved a pen to draw a line as fast as you could from left to right on a piece of A4 landscape paper then that would be a fair estimate of it’s rate of acceleration and speed.

Instantaneous would be an acceptable term to use to describe it’s acceleration abilities.

In school the next day when talking about it to friends it turned out that another pupil whom actually lived on the Vigo estate had also seen it and had watched it for a full half hour. Amazingly, this pupil had also rang up Newcastle airport to ask if this UFO was appearing on their radar. I cannot remember if they had detected it or not.


The photo above wasn’t taken at the time. This sets the scene and gives some idea of the original circumstances.

So, in all at least 5 of us watched this UFO for a minimum of 15 minutes from two different locations.

This ‘Ouston’ UFO sighting happened about 40 years ago. It was probably either 1975 or 1976 and from what I can remember it was late in the year probably approaching autumn or during autumn. I’m pretty sure it was beginning to get dusk when we started watching the UFO and becoming dark when we moved on from watching it after it discontinued it’s presence which would tie in with the badminton match which was at Pelton Rosebury secondary school and was held straight after school time finished. In this respect we were probably watching this UFO around or after 7.00 in the evening.

From what I can remember the sky was clear, with few or no clouds.

  • If you reading this have had a real experience of seeing and watching what was likely a real live ‘UFO’ for 5+ minutes on your own then did you think about trying to talk to anyone about it?
  • If you reading this have had a real experience of seeing and watching what was likely a real live ‘UFO’ doing either amazing or impossible things for 5+ minutes and particularly if you were with other people did you make an effort to tell ‘officials’ about it?
  • If you think there is no decent evidence for UFO’s then perhaps you should read this page HERE.

Have you reading this your own tale of a UFO sighting, a close encounter or of something else related to these topics?

If you do then leave a comment with details below.

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The next page in the series is: 3. Lake Distract, Windermere, Stationary Silver Grey UFO Disc Sighting Described

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