The experience described below was written by Matt a friend of mine that has been working with me for quite a few years now. Over this time he’s been practicing very strongly engaging with all the perceptual ‘input’ of current and past experiences to become aware of and to more deeply understand the subtle perceptions and below conscious awareness’s perceptions that we are all picking up but are largely ignoring all the time.

We are all a lot more sensitive ALL THE TIME than anyone is aware of. We simply don’t engage with all of our senses or perceptions or the very comprehensive memories of our past perceptions either. We have 5 physical senses BUT I am now aware of over a dozen more senses that are always functioning in the background. Modern society is also VERY noisy so the background static drowns out a lot of subtle, barely conscious perceptions. It took me literally a decade of spending a few hours a day orientating to my self and what was happening within myself before I could start to consciously engage with a much wider variety of perceptions as well as the memories of these than most considered ‘aware’ people are not even aware of.

So, what is written below happened to Matt as he driving from Michigan to California across-county with a friend, in the Summer of 2008. He didn’t begin to write about this experience until 2012 when he was simultaneously becoming increasingly aware that he’d been continuously ‘perceptually’ living out having what can only be described as a: ‘Happening in the background’ alien abduction experience. This was a phase where Matt had been waking up feeling that while he’d been sleeping he was aware of being ‘somewhere’ else and of being subjected to experiments. A year later, in 2013 Matt, now even more in touch with his subliminal perceptions greatly expanded upon the original version of the experience which is what is written below.

I was driving cross-county with a friend, driving from Michigan to California. We had been driving for a day or so and by now had gotten very tired. So tired in fact, that we were not really paying attention to the scenery. We were not really concerned with paying much attention to the roads. We were just watching for signs and making sure we did not miss the turn offs and direction changes on our route along the way as we wanted to reach the city where we’d reserved a motel room before it got too late.

We had gotten some way through the midwest of America, making our way through the sparsely populated ‘farmland’ type states. It was now some way into the night and we were nowhere near a major city. However, as we had been driving through relatively flat and uninteresting areas we were both surprised to come over a certain spot that distinctly opened up into remarkably different scenery. There were hills and foggy bottoms. I remember coming over the hill, we both kind of looked at each other as if to acknowledge this new development. I remember that the fog that blanketed the roadside to the right and left almost seemed to ‘clump’ across the roadway at particular parts of our drive. This unsettling night fog grew thicker as as we drove past rolling hills, it seemed to settle thick and palpably on the highway, and caused us to shake off our tiredness as we were now both concerned for our safety. My friend was driving and I was looking hard at the fog as a second pair of eyes.

We both felt that we should try to keep driving as quickly as we could to make it to our destination, but given the limited visibility, over time we slowed to maybe 35-40 miles an hour. Somehow driving at this speed on the highway in that night made it feel almost as if time had stopped and that we were just sliding through this fog. At this point we both started to notice the strange and eerie feeling that we had while driving, the slow, smooth speed of the car and the strange patchy fog made us both get a growing feeling that we were being ‘hemmed in’ and that not only was it dangerous to keep driving on the highway but we just felt plain odd.

All of this put together caused us to begin talking about the strange ‘weather’ outside and the eerie feeling we had. Over the course of a few minutes, we started to compare stories about spooky times and at this point were both feeling our skins was ‘electrically’ charged with energy, tingly like the way you feel when someone tells about a ghost story, deja vu, or ‘eerie’ coincidence. It had built up to the point where the fog was so thick, it was almost yellowish and it seemed to have settled over the road and the land more like a thick blanket than any fog I can ever remember.

Being Specifically Directed to drive to where the Alien is Waiting

It was at this point that we both got a very strong feeling that we should stop at a particular exit. I was literally ‘scared’ of staying on the highway and scared of going off, but somehow we just both felt we should exit. I think that I kind of suggested it as ‘calmly’ as I could and my friend who was driving agreed.

As we pulled off the highway we felt ‘relieved’ I think to be done with highway driving in this thick fog. It seemed to ‘cut’ the palpable tension that had been building over the last few minutes when we had really been acknowledging how strange, otherworldly, and spooky the fog and scenery was. However, as we began to drive we started to drive down a country road that became increasingly more frightening. I remember that my arms had goose pimples with all the hairs standing on end and my heart began to race even more than before. I momentarily wondered if I had made a mistake advising us to get off the highway and if we were doing the wrong thing by continuing to drive. After a few miles we saw a fork in the road and both felt we should take the turn onto it. It was an even smaller road that branched off this already isolated country road.

As we drove things got eerier and eerier – the fog got thicker. Eventually we hit what felt to be an invisible wall of energy that literally stopped the car in it’s tracks. I would not say that it was ‘shimmering’ at the time but the wave of energy that ‘hits’ me even now as I remember it makes me feel that there was in fact something like a ‘shimmering’ wall of energy there that stopped us dead in our tracks. The ‘memory’ almost feels as if it’s locked in my spine and ‘came out’ as shock/ fear energy when I remembered it again while writing this story. Unlocking this memory almost feels like a ‘bubble’ that is ‘popped’ with other feelings spilling out. As I remember the shimmering wall I can also remember that the tree branches in front of where we stopped did not move in the correct way with the wind. There definitely seemed to be something there, a presence or force that was really seriously fierce and was something to be reckoned with. It was not like a ‘kiddy’ ghost story it was a very adult feeling of – dark intruder – dark lurker.

As I remember this now I also feel that there was a distinct presence there was visible but also not visible, like a shadow figure. I do not remember ‘seeing’ lights that were red or green but if I place that image ‘overlay’ on the memory I do have then it feels as if it’s hiding just beneath the surface. What I mean is that if I actually feel back into the memory I get a frightening image of some kind of ‘thing’ that is vaguely concealed, dark, metallic, with small red and green LED type lights. In fact in writing this I almost get a visceral sense it is back with me in this room which is quite frightening and makes me feel like I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

I am almost hesitant to write this but seeing as how I almost did not keep this in my memory and it was hidden until I really felt back into it and the blocked memory bubble ‘burst’ I think I should write it in case others have had this experience of feeling something is there and even ‘seeing’ it in their memory or mind’s eye as I am not sure if this is caused by some kind of ‘alien’ cloaking presentation.

Memory Perception Fuzziness around Scarey Hidden Cloaked Alien Encounter

Basically my ‘gut’ knew something was there and was watching us and was not something to be f**&ed with.

All of this happened in a few seconds I feel, at least my initial impression and being ‘hit’ in the gut with this. Strangely however I did not want to ‘flee’ and turn around. Although part of me did, I felt somehow compelled to push through it. It reminds me of situations at night where someone is walking close to me and I ‘brace’ myself to not act scared because showing intimidation or fear would make anyone with any negative intent all the more brazen with you. It was almost like I was ‘committed’ down one line and showing my lack of fear and ‘intent’ towards that spot would be the only way that I would be safe. That was how it felt.

As we had hit this ‘wall’ we just stopped the car. We did not bother to pull off the road or ‘park’ in the grass off to the side. At this point my memory starts to get a bit hazy. In the same way I feel that a bubble had burst while trying to remember I also feel a hazy dampening overlay beginning at the time when I get out of the car. It is almost as if our consciousness was being depressed so that we could not really perceive well or feel into this obviously invisible ‘wall’ that in reality we had just run up against.

What I do remember clearly is that at this point we were somewhat frightened but as ‘young’ guys we both internally had the sense that’d we try to be ‘men’ about it to and to get out and check out what was going on. At this phase in my life I’d had more experience with ‘odd’ things than my friend so I got out first and felt the energy wall hit me. I think if I am honest ‘internally’ in feeling more back into it I got out to ‘prove’ to whatever was there that I would not be ‘intimidated’ in hopes that showing a display of courage and ‘intent’ toward it would put ‘IT’ off.

What is very weird about this is that I don’t have a clear memory of getting out of the car or where we walked in terms of where I ‘ended up’ standing and where my friend stood. However I feel that I ‘ended up’ in front and to the left of my friend who was near the driver side door. So somehow I walked around the front of the car but I don’t remember doing this really.

I think that we must have stood there for a while in this position, me out in front of the car and my friend almost clutching alongside the car. However my exact position and his position are somehow ‘foggy’, like the hazy overlay I mentioned before. I can feel that the flow of ‘time’ was somehow not right when we were actually there. I can remember ‘stopping’, hitting the wall, having the ‘gut’ feeling and getting out and then I remember ‘coming out of it’ sometime later. I would say it was only a few minutes or so that we stood there but to be honest I’m not sure.

At this point I came out or ‘broke out’ of the lost time, mental haze combination. What I mean by this is that it ‘hit me’ (like a gut feeling that actually ‘shocked’ my energy field / being) that whatever was going on in this location was seriously ‘weird’, unusual, not normal and that it felt as if the fog was being made to be blanketing this area for a very particular reason. The feeling was that the fog was all around us closing in and that it was concentrated ‘AT’ the specific location where we were standing. It felt as if we were in a ‘hurricane’ of energy (or some force) and we had found and where close to the ‘center’ emanating and hidden point. It felt as if this center point was about 15 feet or so in front of us close to a tree that felt as if there was something ‘not right’ about it (it was a relatively large/mature tree that was along a fence which bordered the road).

Alien Cloaking Device gives itself away by Altering the Normal Behaviour of Visible Objects

Both my friend and I had a strong negative feelings toward this particular area of the tree. Something was ‘moving’ and emanating energy in the tree and it then came towards us strongly checking us out. As it did this the hair on our neck raised and we could feel prickling. If we were animals it would be that our ‘hackles’ were raised in preparation for fight/ flight. We stood there as long as we dared to and my friend got in the car. I felt internally that I should ‘wait’ or ‘stay’ and ‘stand my ground’, and I actually began to walk towards it. After doing this the energy sort of changed and became less threatening, almost like the force was moving off or leaving.

When I brought it up again sometime later and described the feeling my friend nodded his head vigorously and said he ‘could not have described it or have remembered this himself’. As he was about to speak more about this we were with interrupted and another topic began.

Further thoughts and analysis about these recollections – attempts to understand my behavior and possible ‘targeted’ consciousness dampening effects

My feeling was that the initial ‘check us out’ phase for this alien that would provoke internal responses was over – in a sense we had surprised ‘it’ and it was probably not prepared to be ‘investigated’ itself. As I walked toward the direction attempting to push past my own fear I felt that it switched to a more surreptitious mode. My feeling was that it must be in a parallel dimension to me or have some ‘cloaking’ ability (maybe something geometric) because it was clearly ‘there’ while appearing to not be there. The way that the trees moved and branches was as if something was interacting with them and moving them in ways that would not be natural for the wind to move. This combined with the ‘over the top’ eerie thick fog and very still / languid air (not strong wind) made for an incredibly strong feeling that we had found, were in, and were interacting with an ‘anomaly’.

I have had to fight very hard to ‘remember’ details about this, and I almost feel that my ‘consciousness’ was effected in phases. First, I had the ‘gut’ impression described above and the ‘shimmering’ energy wall and other ‘hidden’ memory. Then we decided to get out of the car and I ‘feel’ I ‘sort of’ understand why I did this. Then it goes ‘blank’ and then ‘snapping out of it’ and noticing the entity and the tree it’s almost like me deciding to ‘go towards it’ triggered some kind of ‘abandon this position’ maneuver that ‘broke’ whatever was going on with distorting our consciousness so that we could notice how we felt better. It was like we were kept in some kind of consciousness numbing energies that also seemed to mess with our sense of time and then all the sudden we ‘weren’t’ and this is because whatever the ‘something’ was doing ‘broke’ what it was doing to act on us. At this point in writing the example I feel tired and like crashing out and I even have trouble ‘believing’ my own writing, I am basically feeling that what I say is ‘rubbish’ BUT I also feel that, this is yet another sabotage tactic that I want to push beyond. That is the best I can remember of the events and how they unfolded, at least to my current recollection.

So there are obvious ‘cognitive’ diversions and with others you are not being allowed to bring up these types of experiences. If I wasn’t working with Clive and already ‘trained’ in fighting the ‘diversions’ and the ‘banned thinking’ resistance at the time of this experience I don’t think I’d have been able to make the effort to recover the memories and recall the experience at all.

  1. I have repeatedly tried to write this story down and each time have had variations of:
  2. Made to forget about it and about writing it and or distracted from doing this.
  3. Made to feel it is a ‘bad story’ not worth telling and or that I am foolish or stupid for telling it,
  4. Trying to make me feel bad about myself for telling it.
  5. Also, because I didn’t ‘see’ any real ‘aliens’ or anything ‘seen’ in a proper sense then it’s ‘not worth writing about’ and also feeling bad about myself in this way too.
  6. I am made to feel that I’m ’embellishing’ this experience, when in FACT I had to work very hard just to sketch out the honest accurate details of what happened.

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