Many, many years after the ‘High Level Bridge’ blacking out car crash accident that happened on a day with a strange spooky atmosphere when I was living in Brazil on the edge of a village called Embu Des Artes (village of artists) there was one day when we had a friend staying and we had arranged to drive this friend back to Sao Paulo sometime in the afternoon.

However, during this day a very weird foggy and spooky atmosphere built up and ‘collected itself’.

This was way, way stronger than the atmosphere that accompanied the ‘high level bridge’ incident that I describe on the previous page to such a degree that ‘reality’ felt blanketed, thick and muffled, it was deadly silent and became more and more ‘spooky’ as the day went on.

By the time we set off with this friend in mid afternoon this foggy atmosphere was so dense it was almost ‘dark’. For safety reasons (this was Sao Paulo state) we avoided the dual carriage way and took the back roads that went through remote areas. Most of these remote very sparsely populated as well as being forested.

Seriously Spooky Intense Turquoise Light Permeates Everything of a Remote Woodland

At one point we drove passed a scrub forest on the left hand side, it was the sort of wood that in decent day light you could look into for quite a way through the trees into the wood and which often had edges that were more dense. So, looking left into this forest as we were driving down it’s right flank toward one of the ‘thicker’ areas this particular wood was lit up by an all pervasive and unbelievably intense florescent turquoises ‘neon’ light.

aliens-in-turquise-lightThis intense light emanated through and filled a half mile area of wood at least. I cannot stress how bright it was, it actually felt as if it was penetrating and passing through everything: all the trees and the rest of the vegetation spanning a very large area. I’ve never seen any light this colour before or since and I’ve never seen anything this intense in ‘light’ terms before either.

Because this turquoise light show was a combination of ‘spectacular, scary, spooky and strange’ I remember I slowed down at lot as we drove passed the ‘glowing’ space and the three of us all stared intently out of the car windows to the left.

I can very definitely remember that I wasn’t keen on stopping as it was seriously scary and spooky.

The intense light seemed to be emanating from what I imagined was one very large ‘source’ originating within one of the denser parts of this forest behind and to the side of the front scrub forest. We never saw any building in the space where this light was originating from either before of after this incident.

Personally I was uneasy and slightly ‘on edge’ by the entire atmosphere that had built up during the morning and early afternoon and then more so by this ‘intense neon florescent turquoises light’ incident and at the time the only thing that came to my mind (just as a possibility) as we drove past was perhaps that some sort of ‘alien’ craft was in the denser forest area and that this craft was the source of the intense turquoise light beacon.

The other seriously, seriously odd thing was that none of us said anything as we drove past the turquoise saturated spooky wood and in fact none of us talked about this light, we never talked about the ‘weird’ atmosphere permeating the entire village and local area that had built up through the morning and afternoon. I think I can recall that Cris and I looked out the window together during the early afternoon, felt the ‘atmosphere’ and then given each other a ‘look’ as in ‘this is very odd’ BUT I’m pretty sure neither of us said anything about it.

The Spookiness & Atmosphere kills discussion – No one Talks about this ‘Weirdness’ Encounter

So, we drove into Sao Paulo city, dropped our friend off, spent a few hours there and then drove back home. We probably arrived back at our house which was still in the same dense, solid blanket of foggy ambiance sometime mid to late evening.

So, we got back to our house, settled in and in a sense we started to reengage with our space.

three-dark-aliensAfter a while Cris asked me if was aware of three ‘alien’ beings that were outside of our house whom seemed to be focused on our house and or interested in ‘us’.

Cris was quite agitated about this because she had experienced an attempted ‘alien’ kidnapping (alien abduction) a few years earlier and I think ‘felt’ that these beings had the same ‘vibe or energies’ that she could remember of that incident. Because of this, she was quite scared of them entering the house. Now I cannot quite remember all the details from this point I feel that there was a stand off, they might have entered through the wall of one corner of the house into the lounge area (the room next to where we were ‘viewing’ things from) and then left I cannot remember.

It’s possible that because Cris spotted them, mentioned this and we both became alert to them that they didn’t or couldn’t take things further. After a while it felt that they just moved on.

I ‘think’ I had trouble ‘locking onto’ these particular aliens beings perceptually.

I ‘think’ that when I did see them, their location and orientation was different to what Cris described. This isn’t usual for us, we’d usually have completely matching ‘descriptions’ with only minor differences due for the most part to our different sensing abilities, our subtle ‘interest’ orientations plus our depth of experience engaging with different being types.

From the above then please NOTE that the hard to see, foggy, obscured perceptions wasn’t just being applied to the physical easily observed reality here it was also happening in the hidden subtle reality too. In other words there was a simultaneous suppression of our perceptions with respect to what was happening in both the physical AND the subtle realities.

Everything of these encounters was as difficult as possible in terms of being able to perceive DETAILS correctly for such paranormal encounters which we normally DON’T HAVE ANY TROUBLE PERCEIVING AT OTHER TIMES. This on it’s own is seriously odd for this event, it’s almost like a huge effort is being made to make it as difficult as possible to become aware of and or to figure out what is going on. Bear in mind here that for 99% of none physical encounters I don’t have these sorts of problems.

Also, please note that these were not physically ‘visible’ aliens they were of the so called ‘star being’ or higher dimensional variety of alien or perhaps they are really just physical aliens with some sort of high tech invisibility shielding, that allowed them to walk through walls, and simultaneously create village or borough scale foggy atmospheres to hide space craft and their own personal presence as they wandered around.

Now, like I’ve mentioned on a few of the other ‘weird’ experience posts, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about these particular experiences and of trying to remember the details when I’m writing about them.

Why are these Types of what should be UNFORGETTABLE Paranormal Experiences Hard to Remember

Interestingly for this particular article it took about two months before I remembered the ‘aliens’ part. I could remember that something had gone on when we came back BUT normally we’d leave for Sao Paulo late in the afternoon and stay there overnight. I took me ages to remember that we’d left much earlier and then had actually come back the same evening. Initially because I thought that we must have got back the next day I couldn’t see how the foggy, blanketing weird ambiance would still have been there and this blocked me from thinking further. So, it took a while to remember the order and timing of events for that day and that we’d have arrived back to our home on the same evening.

As the trio of stalking ‘aliens’ incident was VERY scary and I was worried about Cris then quite frankly it’s not realistic that I’d have forgotten these specific details of this particular day. This is particularly so when I’d already remembered that I’d originally thought that the turquoise light was perhaps linked to a UFO craft which therefore ‘logically’ means ‘aliens’.

The other odd thing about this was that I only ‘remembered’ that we’d not actually talked about this incident over 13 years later when on deciding to write about my own ‘weird experiences’ and spending time trying to ‘think’ of more that I’d experienced I eventually remembered this turquoise ‘spooky’ light incident BUT amazingly even after writing this and spending a month or two thinking about what happened on this day I still failed to recall the stand off with the three star being alien types.

Isn’t it also decidedly ‘odd’ that for myself specifically as someone already used to engaging with subtle and the so called (imagined) higher dimensional realities and with spiritual, nature spirits and higher dimensional so called alien, ‘star’ beings and therefore having what many others would take as being decidedly ‘odd’ experiences on a daily basis that I’d ‘forget’ a very scary incident that was ‘odder’ then the rest of this day. Does that make any sense?

When this incident happened I had for the previous 10 years been accessing none physical aspects of our reality on a virtually daily basis, I’d been interacting with ‘dead’ people as ghosts, I’d been engaging with so called spirit guides, nature spirits and so called ‘spiritual beings’ and more. During this time I’d also gained access to my ‘past lives’ and I’d trawled through 1000’s of them, I’d also seen a few UFO’s and I’d engaged with some ‘aliens’ in what can perhaps be best described as alien ‘realms’ in different parts of Brazil too.

Also, as part of my drive to gain experience of and competence in dealing with ‘weird’ things I’d had a phase of spending 6 hours a day for 18 months doing nothing else except access and directly engage with ‘weird’ subtle reality things.

In other words compared to maybe 99.9999% of the rest of the population I am unbelievably COMFORTABLE engaging with, accessing, confronting, dealing with and seriously thinking about ‘weird and odd’ things. Cris had the same level of experience as myself and for specific areas, including ‘alien’ experiences she had way more experience including as I mentioned in this example a very frightening and fortunately failed alien abduction experience.

The bottom line is that compared to most other people, such ‘weird’ experiences are in fact part of my daily experience.

So, the question here is; why are these specific ‘weird’ experiences and particularly for myself proving to be very ‘difficult’ to talk about, are very easily forgotten, when forgotten are difficult to recall and then when recalled prove difficult to write about.

Why would this be the case specifically for people having and dealing with ‘impossible’ and ‘weird’ experiences virtually on a regular basis?

Are certain Types of Paranormal Experiences Accompanied By Some Type of Direct ‘Management’ Efforts perhaps Involved by ‘Reality’ Itself?

Does this make any sense? Is it possible that ‘something’ is actually managing our responses to these types of experiences and events? Particularly, so that we:

  1. Don’t spend time ‘thinking’ about such incidents and don’t even talk about them with others that had the same . . .
  2. Make people forget about these types of ‘out of context’ reality incidents while also . . .
  3. Making it difficult to recall all the details of these types of incidences . . .

Which all coincidentally reduces the risk of people whom have experienced such incidents either talking to others about them or worse have them present them publicly so that they act as a reminder that may help others recall what they have experienced that is similar.

What have you reading this page had an experience that relates to what I present here? Have you had a ‘spooky’ atmosphere weird experience, an alien encounter or anything else similar?

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Also, if you’ve experienced something ‘similar’ see how easy or hard it is to write as much detail of it as possible and leave it as a comment below!!!!

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These experiences are intermixed with unusual general observations as well as some ‘off the edge’ speculations relating to these incidents.