In my late twenties I had a holiday with some friends where we all spent a week in a rented holiday cottage in the Torridons area on the west coast of Scotland. This is a very ‘ancient’ mountainous area of Scotland situated on the west coast in line with the Isle of Skye if I recall correctly. This was at the end of November, so the days were short, dusk was in late afternoon and it was very wet, rainy and of course ‘wintry’.

Is it Possible to ‘Consciously’ Change the Weather?

sun-setOn one of the later days we decided to climb a mountain. Three of us ended up on the top of Beinn Dearg. We went up the valley on the west flank and walked up from the north west got to the top of the north peak then trekked south along the bridging ridge to Beinn Dearg proper. It was invigorating and spectacular and more so when the sun actually came out when we made it to the top of Beinn Dearg such that we basked in the glory of getting this far for a while.

Unfortunately it wasn’t long before the sun disappeared behind a mass of dark and ominous clouds and worse it started to snow and as it was now getting worryingly close to dusk we had to try and find a safe way off the top as quickly as possible. Rather than go back the way we’d come we headed east along the ridge and as the ridge dropped we looked to see if there was a reasonable way to directly drop down into the valley bottom on the right.

We eventually got far enough along the dropping ridge that it looked like it was OK and so we headed straight down into the valley below. By the time we reached the bottom the weather was getting really nasty and it started to pour and at the same time we found ourselves walking into a really strong head wind. There were three of us, Clem was in the front followed by Karen and then myself bringing up the rear as we all pushed into a strong head wind while walking on a very wet but very white sand path that wound its way down the valley bottom.

The two with me hadn’t done much of this type of walking and they’d been very ‘pleased’ with themselves that they’d made it to the top of the first peak and even more pleased that they’d made it along a ridge straddling two peaks. Being directly ’empathic’ (I can pick up peoples feelings directly) then I was aware that they’d both actually been feeling and ’emanating’ enthusiasm since reaching the top.

Unfortunately this was now pretty literally being washed away in the valley bottom by the seriously heavy rain and the head wind. All of which was obviously being generated on purpose by a very miserable weather system.

My Personal Rain, Making it Rain Experience: Step by step instructions on how to Become a Rain Maker?

You cannot have people enjoying their achievements while walking up Scottish mountains, can you?

So, I ended up actually feeling quite pissed off at the weather for washing away my friends ‘enthusiasm/sense of achievement’ by drenching us all in torrential rain to such an extent that I actually started to directly shout/rant at the weather.

I ‘should’ perhaps stress that this isn’t typical of me!!!!

As part of this and because the wind and rain were so completely over the top, then in my pissed off mood I actually started to directly and loudly ‘bait’ the weather . . .

“Come, onnNNN, is this the best you can do? . . . .
You call this rain? RAIN??? This is pathetic, PATHETIC!!! . . .
Lets see some real rain . . .
Let’s see what you’ve REALLY GOT? . . .
Let’s see what you can REALLY do . . . !!!”

MMMmmm. This is the point where it started getting seriously weird.

Within literally seconds the rain which was already unbelievably torrential actually became orders of magnitude worse. So, even though I’ve lived in Brazil and have experienced extreme tropical storms, this was worse. It felt as if entire bathtubs of water were being dumped over us at an unbelievably fast rate, it was so extreme that I actually vaguely worried about drowning.

On top of this, I was also more than slightly perturbed that the weather seemed to be directly responsive to me.

So, after thinking about this for a short while I dared it to turn this water into snow . . .

I specifically did this because I felt that doing this would be impossible to achieve as it was raining and definitely warmer in the valley than it had been on the mountain top. Because of this I reasoned that there was no way that it was going to be able to produce snow . . .

Unperturbed the weather system obviously thought otherwise and responded. Again it did this in seconds; virtually instantly, although rather than snow it changed the rain into hail. I hadn’t thought of that . . . it was CHEATING!!!

Once again, there was virtually an immediate response which had me even more perturbed while also having me very much trying to figure out how this could be happening.

You see from my point of ‘view’ there is no way that you could have a responsive weather change happening in a couple of seconds and absolutely no way could this happen virtually instantly. The ‘water’ (as in rain or hail) would have been falling from a great height such that it’s probably taking 10 or 15 seconds or maybe even longer (I don’t know) to reach ground level so it would be impossible to have a response this fast unless even more bizarrely the weather system or whatever it was, was either:

  1. Dare I say it: ‘Precognitive’ and so was able to anticipate what I was going to ask for before I asked for it . . . or . . .
  2. Was able to directly ‘manifest’ what I was asking for in violation of what we assume are ‘fixed’ natural as well as ‘universal’ laws . . . or . . .
  3. That ‘whatever’ was responding was ‘somehow’, able to directly mess with time, which again would be a violation of our assumptions about reality . . .

I can see the headlines!!! Scientists beaten in the race to build a time machine by . . . a weather system!!!

Is the Scottish Torridons Mountain Range Weather System Conscious?

Anyway, after a few minutes of being bombarded by impressive hail stones I decided ‘why not make it easy!!!’. So, in the guise of a film director I shouted at it to ‘cut’ the hail. This time it took a ‘noticeable’ few seconds before there was a response.

Perhaps this ‘weather God’ was getting tired now what with all these ‘elemental’ conversions that ‘it’ was having to do. Over the next few minutes I negotiated to have the hail replaced with a light rain and then to a drizzle.


I then asked for no rain, and then a little later for the wind to be orientated 180 degrees so that we’d at least be being pushed in the right direction. Within 10 to 20 seconds the rain stopped, it took about 20 minutes to turn the wind around as requested and another 20 minutes after this to have the moon come out which I’d also asked for when I realized it was shifting the wind round.

The moon then stayed with us all the way back to our cottage.


In the ‘arial’ view above, the purple line shows where we walked, with the yellow arrows denote the direction we walked in. The stretch of yellow path denotes the now famous ‘rant to the weather spirit/god’ valley place.

Weather Control Magic, having Consistent Conscious Control over the Weather

I should mention that for many years after this experience, on days that I’m going out for walks I’d often (the previous day/evening and or early morning) pre-check the weather and ‘arrange’ for decent weather, which unbelievably ‘ALWAYS’ seemed to happen.

So, there you go. You’ll find my: ‘Occasional, Weather God’ reference in my CV under ‘Part Time Nature Spirit’.

How would it be possible for someone/anyone to directly interact with and even ‘Control/Direct’ the weather?

Well, some of you may have noticed that I’ve some ‘Matrix’ reality evidence pages on this site. Coincidentally, a Matrix reality has everyone having 2 bodies, everyone will have an invisible body which is actually REALLY THEMSELVES (i.e. ‘YOU’ reading this) which which will actually be located somewhere else (likely sealed within a high technology interfacing pod as depicted in the Matrix film) . . .

However, this ‘somewhere else’ is actually likely to be some type of ‘Executive/Overseeing’ reality with respect to the one we are in here because it will be the reality from which our reality here is accessed although it is also possible that the reality we are in here is entirely software defined and then generated as a virtual reality from within the reality our bodies are held. In this specific scenario your easily observed human form is very likely to be nothing more than a software defined remote vehicle/probe!!!

So, if each or our ‘real’ forms are ‘REALLY’ elsewhere then what ‘experience’ do they have of the VR/generated reality we are in now? Did they help design this? In either designing or consciously accessing this separate reality then did they include AI’s (artificial intelligences) to generate and manage the climate/weather or perhaps in the past they also spent time hacking into this to investigate it’s functioning which in some cases may then actually have them accessing and then able to control the weather within here!!!

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