During my times visiting Brazil I stayed in a single story farmhouse in a high cliff lined valley close to Alto Paraiso. The white cliff lining the valley was 200 to 300 feet high, vertical and spectacular. At one point a few miles from the farmhouse there was a waterfall cascading off the top.

One day when we were in Alto Paraiso shopping we met up with and had a good lunch with friends. From what I can remember we all got on really well and we all talked a lot with each other during the lunch. There were 5 of us, myself, Cris, Cris’s mother and two friends of theirs. Afterwards Cris asked if I would like to go to the place above the valley where the waterfall originated. Basically we’d drive park and walk to where the waterfall fell over the cliff edge and take in the view from the top.

As a result all five of us set off left together in a car to do this.

It probably took about an hour and a half to drive in a half circle to reach the parking area closest to the large stream that on dropping over the edge becomes a waterfall.

Very Weird Vibes, Muted Atmosphere Develops while Driving to Where the Giant Bat Found . . .

Now, the first very noticeable strange thing was that for absolutely no reason at all we all stopped talking to each other probably after 20 minutes or so in the car. Everyone went silent, shifted to be in their own space. Even more strange time seemed to drag on.

I’m including this in this ‘weird atmosphere’ series because the atmosphere AROUND US AS A GROUP was exactly the same as I’ve felt when with a group of people when the EXTERNAL environment is presenting one of those spooky, silent, surreal atmospheres.

The atmosphere in the car and between ourselves FELT exactly the same except it was minus the visible external atmospheric atmosphere. Which isn’t surprising as it was a brilliant blue sky day and very warm.

Also, here I am spending time in a very interesting, very different ‘foreign’ country AND I’m going to visit somewhere new that ‘should’ be spectacular. I should at the very least be anticipating and feel moderately excited. So, how myself and everyone else became in the car in ‘mood’ and atmosphere terms was very, very odd, and particularly as there wasn’t any reason for this to happen (no arguments or upsets, nothing abnormal happened before or during the drive).

We eventually turn off the main road and start driving along dirt tracks to reach the parking place closest to the top of the cliff by the waterfall. It turns out that this parking place is next to a small wood which is to the right of the stream. This is where it gets even more bizarre. Everyone’s mood has changed so much that you can feel that no one wants to even get out of the car. However, as we have arrived at the place we wanted to be then we all get out . . . except we really don’t . . . we just mooch around by the wide shallow stream next to the wood, we can see cliffs sticking up to the left and right of where the stream disappears off the top of the cliff. It’s very obvious that no one ‘really’ wants to be here.

We all just very oddly hanging around the stream running next to the wood. As, I’m normally the adventurous type then it was seriously odd that I wasn’t immediately heading along the side of the stream and looking over the cliff edge 2 minutes later. The cliff would have been at most 200 meters from where we parked the car – that’s how close it was.

At the Canyon Cliff Top Area Everyone is also VERY ODD, no one talks or even says ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THE BAT

So my behaviour was VERY odd, AND so was everyone else’s . . . .

Eventually some of us have wandered close to where the stream leaves the end of the wood and heads off over open ground probably for about 150 meters before dropping off the top of the cliff edge. This is where it gets very interesting, because now that the end of the wood is to the right and level with us we can see that to the right of where stream cascades off the top of the cliff there are cliff buttresses ABOVE the top of the cliff.

This is when I first notice that there is something very strange on the side of one of these buttresses.

Below is a picture I made up just to give you the general idea that ‘represents’ the location, visibility and size (I’d estimate 5 to 6 feet in height) of the giant bat pretty well.

giant bat hanging on side of cliffs
Giant Bat Image

What I see ‘clinging’ on the left side of one of the buttresses looks about the same as a one man sized very taught coffin tent in jet black. It’s on the vertical face and it’s literally 6 feet tall. There is no way it can ‘actually’ be a one person tent although it’s general shape suggests a tent. The ‘weird’ black thing is also very likely above a 200 to 300 foot drop and it would be dangerous to climb down to or around to as it’s on the side of an overhanging cliff outcrop.

What is also very odd, is that despite their being a slight breeze the ‘material’ doesn’t move or ripple, it’s solid. My first inclination is that someone might have some ‘research’ equipment that they’ve pegged into the cliff face with a protecting black tent cover BUT this absolutely doesn’t seem likely AND this is a seriously remote spot. We’ve not seen anyone for miles.

It gradually dawns on me that this is VERY LIKELY TO BE . . . .

a GIANT BAT . . . .

I glance around at the others and over the next few minutes I notice that Cris and Cris’s mother at least are giving the possible GIANT BAT sideways glances. They too know of the ‘Giant Bat’ . . . even more amazing is that NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING . . . including me . . . we all seem to be in our own personal bubble of isolation.

A Cryptid Giant Bat Found in Brazil at the top of a 300 foot Canyon Cliff Face Is Completely Ignored by 4 People

I’m actually seriously trying to figure out how feasible it would be to walk over and have a much closer look at it. However this thought turns out to be terrifying because if this ‘IS’ a GIANT BAT then it’s going to have a wingspan maybe of 20 to 25 five feet. If it wakes up could I run fast enough to reach the small wood where it wouldn’t be able to fly before it caught up with me . . . I don’t know!!!

Bat Hanging from Rock Face
Bat Hanging from Rock Face

On the left is a bat hanging from a rock face overhang. Bats are generally dark and their profile from the side would be very much like what I saw clinging to the top of the cliff face. On the right is a picture of another bat completely clinging to the vertical wall in exactly the same way as the giant bat I saw.

Interestingly either of these bats looked at from the side and particularly the one on the right would result in a profile seriously like the one I saw on the cliff.

Hibernating Brown Long-eared Bat © Claudia Gebhardt
Hibernating Brown Long-eared Bat © Claudia Gebhardt

Of course bats prefer to hang in caves in the dark.

Coincidentally visiting giant caves and having a guided tour of one cave network was one of the things I did when visiting Brazil.

Brazil has numerous and very large cave networks. The one I visited the guide took us to a 3 meter hole in the floor of one cave. We dropped a stone down it and never heard it hit bottom. It would be very possible to have giant bats living in one of these cave systems.

One of the other very bizarre things is that I never actually did an internet search of ‘giant bat’ after this sighting. Just like everyone else I’d have thought they’d be none. What is the biggest knows bat? How big do you think it will be? Have a guess . . .

It’s the a tie between a fruit bat with a wing span of 1.7 meters (read about here), and what is called the Giant golden-crowned flying fox which you can read of here.

Do Giant Bats Exist? Are there any ‘real’ giant bats in one of Brazil’s Giant Cave Systems?

However it turns out that there are quite a lot of sightings of bat creatures that are even larger. Java, has giant bat sightings (read this page here), and this page here describes various sightings in various places around the world as does this one here. Just look at the default reaction to someone being confronted with the possibility of there being a mere 5 foot wing span bat despite it being about a bat IN A ZOO as described here.

It is likely that bats like to sleep clinging to the top of a rock of cliff face or ceiling so that they don’t have to run to take off. In the case of this giant bat with a likely 20 foot plus wing span it’s in the perfect position to launch itself into the air with a 200 foot drop space to glide away from.

Our behaviour by the stream was completely ridiculous . . . under normal circumstances ‘IF’ one of us had seen say a hang glider here we’d have pointed it out and shouted to the others to look. Perhaps the giant bat is telepathic or it is otherwise endowed with magical powers to suppress anyone seeing it from even pointing it out never mind of talking about it!!!

Eventually probable about 20 minutes after arriving, someone mentions leaving AND we all slowly wander back to the car and leave . . . NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING about the GIANT BAT . . . NOTHING is EVER said about it . . .

So, we drive for an hour and a half specifically to walk a very short distance to the top of a cliff to see the view of the valley, take some photographs and watch the waterfall cascading down. We arrive there and despite no one being able to see the GIANT BAT from where we parked no one heads off to DO WHAT WE CAME TO DO which coincidentally would have all of us directly seeing and commenting on the giant bat.

I left my camera in the car . . . which is verging on the impossible as for new places I’d always take it with me and take pictures . . . except apparently no one is allowed to take pictures or even acknowledge the existence of GIANT BATS or even remember that they left their camera in the car which was only a 30 second walk from where the GIANT BAT was visible.

Maybe Those Seeing Abnormal & or Giant Creatures are Managed and Manipulated to Keep these ‘OFF THE RADAR’

I’m now of the view that we are in a duplicated population simulation AND it’s trying to keep as many odd things as hidden as possible.

This is the only way to explain how we were all completely managed well before we arrived to completely change our mood, such that we’d not even venture past the edge of the wood when we arrived. If we had we’d not have been able to collectively ignore the GIANT BAT (despite that I’m sure that all of the others saw the bat because I saw most of them glancing every now and again specifically in it’s direction) and it’s likely that a few of us would have risked walking over to it for a closer look AND I’d also have taken photographs of it.

I should also point out that I was with my girlfriend at the cliff and we got married and despite that we have both had a lot of anomalous experiences of many different types (read the rest of this sites pages for mine) we also never talked about this bat encounter afterwards either . . . which has got to be verging on being pretty much impossible because my wife had a direct and extremely disturbing encounter with an ‘alien’ and was almost abducted AND she/we talked about this!!!!

As I describe on pages on this site here ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then we are actually entirely software generated copies of people living someone else’s life. As such pretty much everything of ourselves is pre-determined (as I describe in great detail here and in more details here). Under these circumstances the software in absolutely having to define our future interactions means that it would always be checking out future possibilities. In it doing this it would have quickly become aware very shortly after we made the decision to visit the waterfall that we’d not be able to miss seeing the giant bat.

Under these circumstances it couldn’t easily abort our decision (make us decide to not go) because everyone in our party was there on holiday. Visiting different and interesting places in the area was what we did, it was partially why we where there at Alto Paraiso. It is part of being there that you actually visit waterfalls specifically as they are pretty much everywhere. So, in not being able to stop us from visiting this specific place it decided to work on changing our mood and making everyone ‘not bothered’ and psychologically ISOLATED and MUTE.

Dare I suggest that having the giant bat being woken up to launch itself and fly off in broad daylight over the occupied/lived in valley below wouldn’t have been a good idea either.

Also, it was only in writing many of my other ‘weird’ experiences on this site that I eventually (after year) remembered the ‘giant bat’ sighting experience.

I couldn’t believe that I’d forgotten about it. In fact all of these weird atmosphere posts were seriously difficult to recall and even worse to actually write down. This is confirmed by those that have so far managed to leave comments below as they also gave details of feeling very odd and suppressed as they read this page and tried leaving a comment too . . .

For a decent page on another site describing all sorts of ‘crazy’ creature sightings then go here, for a site whose author writes about all sort of cryptid/impossible creature sightings then click here!!!

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