What are Spirits of Nature, What is a Faerie, What are the Elementals, the Fairy Folk?

I’ve had lots and lots and lots of nature spirit/fae/faerie sightings/experiences (way more than I’ve written about on this site), which despite being utterly amazing/exceptionally interesting also greatly puzzled myself too!!! In this respect, it’s very possible that others with similar nature spirit type experiences/encounters may also be puzzled and may also be trying to understand what their own nature spirit experiences actually mean too . . . in this respect if you reading this have also had a nature spirit/fae/faerie sighting/encounter then by reading this page/series you may start to understand some of your own nature spirit experiences AND the larger significance of these too!!!!

Let me be very direct at the start of this ‘series’, I’ve personally done a lot of web searches using a lot of variations of ‘What are Nature Spirits . . . ‘the Fae’ the ‘Elementals’ etc . . . ‘ such that I’ve found a reasonable number of sites that in using weird terms and particularly spiritual and or metaphysical terms actually manage to describe ‘facets/aspects’ of the Nature Spirits, Fae, Faeries and Elementals IN VERY INDIRECT I.E. ‘SYMBOLIC’ TERMS . . . in other words I’ve not found one site that gets even vaguely close to describing what these forms actually really are/what they actually ‘EXPLICITLY’ REPRESENT . . . ‘now’ unlike most others I’ve literally had 100’s of nature spirit encounters many of which were of extended INTERACTIONS including having ‘communications’ with these forms. In other words I’ve vast/consistent (over 2/3 decades now) experience of these forms . . . AND hence then have both the scale of experience as well as the motivation to try and figure out WTF these forms actually are . . . which has taken literally decades . . . ‘AND’ . . . there is no easy way to explain what these forms are . . . hence it’s going to take a good few pages to give you a decent background both of myself as well as at least some details of the full variety of my anomalous experiences because quite a few of my ‘seemingly’ none nature spirit anomalous experiences, very ‘specifically’ turned out to be ‘critical/important’ clues that eventually allowed myself to become aware of the real nature of the nature spirit forms/intelligences.

In a very basic sense nature spirits ‘represent’ NONE PHYSICAL REALITY NONE HUMAN experiences that some specific people CANNOT THEMSELVES LIVE OUT/HAVE THESE EXPERIENCES HERE . . . i.e. specific nature spirit forms are being deliberately presented to very specific people here because these specific forms are ‘representing’ experiences that we AS NONE PHYSICAL ‘SUBTLE’ BEINGS NOW INTERFACED/INCARNATED INTO A HUMAN PHYSICAL BODY form/VEHICLE absolutely cannot directly live out/have an equivalent experience within our physical only environment and physical human body ‘here’.

Hence, it would be accurate to state that our reality is presenting some very specific as well as culturally ‘IMPORTANT’ subtle experiences in A DELIBERATELY ARCHAIC/SYMBOLIC PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE TO ‘PROPERLY’ UNDERSTAND OR ‘DECODE’ FORM . . . and this is very likely because revealing what these forms actually really are and what they really represent also reveals that our reality is deliberately trying to disappear/make incomprehensible some very specific as well as extremely important experiences!!!

In that I’ve a few web sites all of which are presenting different types of anomalous experiences and this is particularly because I’ve also experienced what can only be accurately described as a ‘VAST NUMBER’ of in many cases repeated instances of exceptionally consistent anomalous experiences, then I’ve had the most incentive with respect to trying to understand and figure out what at least some of these experiences are about/what they mean and or what they actually ‘represent’!!!!

Within what I write above, I am specifically using the word ‘consistent’ both in perceptual/sensing/awareness terms as well as with respect to the environments and or specific places where these sightings actually generally occur too.

I’m also going to point out that the majority of my own anomalous experiences at least of specific types are also commonly perceived/felt/sensed by others too and in some cases many, many others, also, from my own consistent experiences actual groups of people have experienced the same anomalous phenomenon AS A GROUP IN THE SAME LOCATION & AT THE SAME TIME TOO.

In other words we have some exceptionally consistent anomalous experiences that are ‘consistent’ in perceived/sensed/felt/awareness i.e. in ‘seen/sensed’ terms as well as also being consistent in place/location terms too, both by individuals on their own as well as at times, by groups of people simultaneously.

In this respect, in myself personally experiencing a great variety of the same types of (in most cases) exceptionally consistent anomalous experiences and at least for some types within a very diverse range of in some cases very specific types of places spread out over a span of two or more decades then this has gradually had me more and more focused on trying to understand HOW (IN A VERY BASIC SENSE) OUR BASE REALITY MUST ‘HAVE TO BE’ to account for the full scale and types of anomalous experiences that I myself have repeatedly experienced!!!

Now, in recently spending a month or two (as I write this) working on my realitywalker site both to update pages here as well as to write and post a few new ones such that I was then very, very much directly being reminded of the (to be honest) unbelievable scale of anomalous experiences I’ve had of directly interacting with many, many different types of nature spirits over a time span of few decades as well as being reminded of the many other and in some cases ‘exceptionally/unbelievably’ different anomalous experiences some of which were directly connected to my nature spirit experiences while the others were of completely different anomalous experience types that I’ve also written about/presented here!!!

Investigating & Researching to Try & Understand What are Nature Spirits, What are the Fae?

As part of updating/improving this site I was also vaguely thinking about putting together a poll/survey and specifically because I wanted to have some idea of how other people sense/perceive nature spirits both initially and then also over time as well as of how they ‘interact’ with nature spirits (if they do interact) and also the type and or quality of interactions although I am particularly interested in the scale and or variety of nature spirit forms that other people have encountered and interacted with over an extended period of time too.

However, I then became aware that an organisation called the ‘Fairy Investigation Society’ had already defined a survey for people to describe/record their own nature spirit experiences (this survey can be found and filled in here)!!!

So, in finding and then taking the time to complete this survey I found it pretty extensive/comprehensive in the questions/details it covers. However in filling in this survey while also recently having some contact with some others whom also have ‘nature spirit’ interests/experiences then I became aware that my specific nature spirit experiences ‘appear’ to be very, very different, at least when compared to (I’m pretty sure) pretty much all others’ direct experience/sightings of the nature spirit, fae, elemental forms/beings!!!

I became aware of this specifically because the ‘Fairy Investigation Society’s’ survey had me exceptionally frustrated as it was focused on ‘YOUR EXPERIENCE/ENCOUNTER’ with a fae, nature spirit, fairy!!! In other words the survey was pretty much focused on expecting one single account of one ‘fae/fairy/nature spirit/fairies/nature spirits’ encounter . . . i.e. JUST ONE . . . which seemed exceptionally odd to me as I’ve had literally 100’s of encounters AND for some very specific places when I go back to these specific places then most of the time I’LL MEET & INTERACT WITH THE SAME NATURE SPIRIT FORMS, & VERY OCCASIONALLY I’LL EVEN BE INTERACTING WITH ‘EXACTLY’ THE SAME ‘INDIVIDUALS’ TOO . . .

Also, in that I’d talk to close friends about these experiences (whom had no previous experiences of seeing or being aware of the fae/nature spirits) and in that quite often myself and these friends would also often go for walks which would sometimes coincidentally include passing through places I’d previously seen/interacted with nature spirits then at least ‘some’ of these friends while specifically with myself also then found themselves becoming aware of and or in some cases directly interacting with nature spirits too!!!

Here are a couple of examples of these friends nature spirit encounters:

  1. Alan’s encounter with the Black Knight nature spirit
  2. Friends Wanting to See a Fairy, Contact Nature Spirits at an Earth Meridian Point

The second example above was at the very same tree circle where I had my first direct/visual experience of nature spirits!!!!!

So, in myself then becoming aware that people/friends accompanying myself ‘seemingly’ had a higher potential to see/become aware of nature spirits at least in some very specific places I actually had a phase about 2 and a half decades ago then I placed adverts in local new age magazines and I took out small groups of people to some very specific places to ‘get in touch with nature spirits’, to find that overall on these walks/outings about a third of these people found themselves becoming aware of and or directly ‘saw’ some variety of fae or nature spirit during these outings . . .

Now, if you’ve read many of the examples of the full scale and range of the anomalous experiences that I present on this site then (bar 2 or 3) they are all of experiences that I myself have personally had (and often had multiple times), including a few that are so unbelievably different/divergent from others’ encounters, that I’ve never heard of or found anyone else having any experiences at least equivalent to ‘some’ of those that I’ve had.

For example, I don’t know of and cannot find via internet searches anyone else that has had repeated/consistent experiences of ‘teleporting’ nature spirits!!!

  1. Teleportation of Some ‘Subtle’ Friends to a New Better Location via a Real Wormhole Portal
  2. Teleporting Abused Misstreated Gnomes, Dwarfs & a Water Spirit Through a Dimensional Portal, Wormhole

I’ve also had some other very odd experiences of invisible UFO’s, as well as ‘seemingly’ some Alien being/beings type encounters (also of the invisible/not presented as part of consensus reality variety either too) that coincidentally, I also cannot find anyone else/any others whom have experienced the same/or anything equivalent to these either.

  1. Higher, Hyper Dimensional Aliens from Invisible UFO docked with In-Flight Aircraft Encounter
  2. Advanced Extraterrestrial Technologies Raising Consciousness in Parkland

Plus during some healing sessions with clients I would at times get access to and find myself trying to understand whilst also attempting to deal with some exceptionally odd things/phenomenon when accessing and dealing with the origins of their current negative/debilitating/limiting issues . . . some examples of which include the following . . .

  1. Recovering lost parts of self hidden in Magical Dimensions & Spiritual Realms
  2. Real Experience of Accessing an alternate world or a Parallel Universe, during a Past Life healing session?

So, with respect to the full scale of ‘just’ the experiences I point out on the above pages than it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that about a decade and a half ago I started to somewhat shift sideways with respect to my overall/main ‘focus of interest/alignment’ such that I’ve had an overriding agenda focused on investigating and attempting to understand and to define and layout the base nature of our reality, how our base reality would, in a basic sense:

HAVE TO ‘BE’ . . . i.e. . . Have to be ‘CONFIGURED” . . .

. . . . to explain JUST MY OWN, base collection of exceptionally varied anomalous experiences!!!!!

Also, I’m going to make it very clear here . . .

If ‘YOU’ reading this are also trying to understand what nature spirits are and or ghosts and or spirit guides and or have then also been trying to get your head around how the base nature of our reality would ‘have to be‘, to account for these (or any other consistent anomalous experience type/types) and or maybe ‘WTF’ is going on in our ‘crazy’ world here which in a base sense ‘SHOULD’ have had you investigating and then trying to understand/explain some or better still ALL TYPES OF ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES THAT ARE ACTUALLY ‘CONSISTENTLY’ EXPERIENCED IN OUR REALITY HERE.

A real reality wouldn’t present HIGHLY CONSISTENT but invisible to perhaps the majority of the population/people (i.e. outside of ‘consensus/shared reality’ perceptions) specific experiences such as the nature spirit, fae and or elemental type experiences, although it also shouldn’t be presenting things like ghosts or spirits of the dead either, nor should it be consistently presenting spirit guides or angel guides to very specific people either for example!!!

Coincidentally all of these types of anomalous forms/entities are all consistently seen and or sensed/felt/interacted with by quite a large percentage of our population!!!

On the front page of this site I presented the following:

“A recent survey in the UK has half the population (50%) ‘believing’ in ‘spooky’, ghost, esp or psi type things while half these people had some direct experience of one or more of these. In other words 25% of the UK population (around 15 million) have likely experienced something ‘anomalous’, all of which adds up to an awful lot of anomalous experiences!!!”

In other words, we are not talking about 15 people or 15,000 people (out of about 60 million) having these types of ‘outside of consensus reality experiences’, it’s MILLIONS of people!!! Hence, it would be valid/accurate to state that: These are absolutely NOT RARE Experiences!!!!

NOW, I’m going to point out here that I actually managed to figure out a few years ago ‘exactly’ what nature spirits actually are, what they ‘represent’ and also why we have ‘presentations/viewings/sightings’ of these forms seemingly very specifically offered/presented to a very, very specific sub set of people here ‘ONLY’ . . . HOWEVER . . . unfortunately, knowing what they are is the easy part, trying to ‘coherently as well as logically’ explain what these forms are to other people is a completely different matter . . .

Investigating, Trying to Understand Exactly What are the Elementals, What are Ghosts, What are Spirit & Angel Guides?

In a very ‘BASIC/SIMPLISTIC’ sense, all nature spirits, the fae, fairies, the little people etc. etc. . . . . are actually all ‘symbolic’, which essentially means that they are all ‘representations’ or ‘depictions’ of ‘something’!!!

So, if you are interested in ‘understanding’ what nature spirits are (and ghosts and spirit guides too) then I want you to make an effort to ‘RE-ORIENTATE’ your ‘conceptualisation or viewpoint’ of these specific things/types of experiences (some people would call doing this ‘re-framing’).

Now, as part of persuading you to do this I’m going to point out a ‘fact or truth’ about these specific experiences AND I’m then going to point out the implications of this ‘fact/truth’!!!!

  1. Ghosts, Spirits of the Dead
  2. Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels
  3. Nature Spirit, Fae, Fairies

All of the above have one thing in common, which is that they are all specifically SENSED OR SEEN by very specific people and often under specific types of conditions and or only at specific places or events (a funeral for example) . . . so, ‘you’ can see a fairy or a ghost or be communicating in some way/having some form of ‘contact’ with a spirit guide BUT all of these experiences are individual/personal to the individual it is exceptionally rare if EVER that any of these forms are seen by EVERYONE WHOM IS PHYSICALLY PRESENT. It is also exceptionally rare to see/perceive/have a sense of these forms ‘continually’ . . .

In that I’ve consistently seen ghosts, nature spirits and have had consistent access to spirit guides (my own and others) on going for 2+ decades then I’d categorise myself as an expert in these types of phenomena!!!!

Basically likely 99.9999+% of the time these are ‘personal’ to the individual AND are quite often invisible/undetected and undetectable/are not sensed/felt by everyone in the vicinity!!! Basically specific things and or categories of things are very specifically ONLY PERCEIVED/SEEN/SENSED by specific people AND often under very specific conditions!!!

In other words you could state that our ‘reality’ appears to be presenting specific phenomenon quite often under very specific conditions and or in very specific locations to just very, very specific people ‘consistently’!!!

In this respect, it would be accurate to state that a smaller sub population of the entire population regularly and consistently see ghosts and that another even smaller sub population regularly see nature spirits, also, yet ‘again’ very often under very specific conditions and or associated with specific places . . .

So, basically there are a vast variety of things that (when physically healthy) we all, absolutely always ‘collectively’ see/perceive (which is described/labelled as ‘consensus reality’) while there ‘appear’ to be specific things/experiences that apparently only specific people see/perceive/sense/have, that in the majority of cases/instances are only seen/perceived at very specific times and or under very specific circumstances (only at very specific places/events for example) . . . in this respect it would be accurate to state that some very specific types of experiences are always being presented outside of shared/consensus reality . . . it would also be accurate to state that certain ‘experiences’ appear to be very, very specific to, as well as VERY CONSISTENT FOR a very specific sub set of people ONLY . . .

In other words I want you to consider the possibility that ‘perhaps’ reality itself is PERHAPS DIRECTLY CAPABLE OF deliberately presenting very specific experiences SPECIFICALLY ‘JUST’ TO VERY SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS & OR SPECIFIC GROUPS OF PEOPLE ONLY . . .

I also particularly want you to keep this possibility in mind as you read the rest of the pages of this series!!!

In a very basic sense, from my experiences, extensive research and accumulated understandings at the present time, I would actually describe the nature spirits, the fae & faerie as actually being ‘symbolic’. In other words the nature spirits are being very specific presented here and very particularly to very, very specific people because they are ‘representative of’ some very very specific ‘experiences’ that . . .

  1. Only relate to a very small sub population of people here while also . . .
  2. Being of types of experiences that it is not ‘appropriate’ for our PHYSICAL ONLY reality to present IN A CONSISTENT PHYSICAL/VISIBLE TO EVERYONE FORM . . .
  3. Specifically because these specific experiences only apply to a small and very specific sub population of people here because these specific people actually have some ‘significant’ NONE PHYSICAL EXPERIENCES i.e. ‘SUBTLE’ REALITY EXPERIENCES AS PART OF THE ENTIRE SCALE OF ‘ALL’ OF THEIR PAST EXPERIENCES . . .


It’s literally taken a decade PLUS+ for me to start to properly get my head around these experiences and this is specifically because the nature spirits are not of physical reality experiences AND the problem for myself and for you reading this is that YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THESE FORMS ‘REALLY’ ARE without having it explained to yourself WHAT YOU READING THIS ‘REALLY’ ARE TOO!!!!!!

Which is that you are a none physical being whom arose and whom exists AND IS ALSO ACTUALLY PRESENT AS YOU READ THIS NOW within a separate parallel environment/reality which is also absolutely NOT PHYSICAL EITHER!!!! So, you are a ‘subtle/spirit type none physical form/being’ whom in the past lived in and had direct experiences of that subtle environment AND of yourself as a subtle being/form living within that environment, BEFORE, this very different ‘subtle’ form was then ‘interfaced’ to its first human fetus specifically to have its first ever human/physical experience . . . sometime within our distant historical past!!!!

Now it is highly likely that some of you reading this will be having all sorts of NO WAY/THIS IS BULLSHIT/THIS CANNOT BE TRUE . . . etc. etc . . . reactions . . . which to be honest is to be expected because the reality you have been repeatedly incarnated into has been specifically designed to try and convince you and everyone else here that YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN THIS PHYSICAL HUMAN FORM . . . !!!

NOW, BECAUSE I’VE HAD ‘GAZILLIONS’ OF ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES as well as of many, many different types then I’ve had way more incentive to try and figure out ‘WTF’ these mean or ‘represent’, such that about 15 years ago (about 15 years after my ‘nature spirit’ awakening experience) I started to try and figure out HOW REALITY WOULD ‘HAVE TO BE’ to account for my own vast and varied collection of anomalous experiences.

So, have you heard of reincarnation? Are you aware that reincarnation implies that we are ‘SOMETHING ELSE & ‘NOT’ THIS HUMAN FORM’ and that this something else ‘IS NOW’ also SOMEWHERE ELSE TOO!!!

NOW, rather then run off or having a mental melt down because of this possibility maybe you could have a look up over and then hover your mouse cursor over ‘Nature of Reality’ and then maybe ‘sometime’ have a read of the first/top linked page: ‘Two Bodies Interfaced Together Being Reincarnated Again & Again Evidence!!!‘ which coincidentally, gives VERY COMPREHENSIVE/MULTIPLE ANGLES OF evidence that we are being re-incarnated . . . again and again and likely have been for 1000’s of years . . .

So, from my understandings/extensive research I’ve eventually figured out that some people here (including myself) are actually having some very bizarre AND very personal to themselves ONLY experiences that are actually directly connected to various small as well as very specific sub populations of people here (at least with respect to the full scale of all people we have ‘incarnated’ into the physical (i.e. our PHYSICAL ‘ONLY’ world here), very specifically because these specific people are living out a life that includes them having some very SPECIFIC experiences in the distant past specifically as the subtle form/being that WE ABSOLUTELY ALL ARE . . . !!!!!

Basically for me to properly and comprehensively define, describe and explain the ‘Nature Spirits’ (in ways that you might actually be able to understand) then I need to explain a vast scale of ‘all sorts of things’ from likely many different angles, specifically to give you appropriate context as well as some decent foundation/background understandings to do this properly!!!

To a certain extent, I’ve only managed to figure out these anomalous nature spirit experiences because of the unbelievable range and scale of all of the anomalous experiences I’ve personally had (many of which are presented on this site) . . . unfortunately figuring them out was the easy part . . . the really hard part is trying to explain these to everyone else . . .

Let me also make my current and past efforts to do this very clear . . . !!!!

As part of getting my head around ALL ANGLES OF MY OWN ‘ANOMALOUS’ EXPERIENCES . . . I tend to spend time going deeply into, in very, very minute and immersive ‘experience’ detail with respect to my entire scale of past anomalous experiences and particularly of the ‘very specific experiences/experience types’ that I’m trying to get my head around/am trying to properly understand and particularly with respect to the base functioning of reality and more particularly of how reality would HAVE TO BE to account for and or actually ‘ALLOW’ these types of experiences!!! . . .

So, . . . in spending a lot of time recalling/remembering and then going very deeply into/immersing myself within some past experiences in very, very fine detail and particularly with respect to myself ‘feeling’ into these more and more deeply then this pretty much always eventually has me becoming aware of aspects of these experiences that I’d either forgotten about or actually hadn’t managed to become consciously aware of before either . . . never mind that in doing this for the full scale of diverse anomalous experiences I’ve presented on realitywalker.com then I also start to become aware of some of the connections and associations between some of these experiences that I’d also not realised before!!!!

Basically, I’ve already written, read again, re written, read again and again and again while also spending LOTS OF TIME REPEATEDLY ‘FEELING INTO THESE’ EXPERIENCES, while then spending a great deal of time ‘thinking’ about them ‘again’ and ‘yet again’ while then re-writing/updating these pages yet again and ‘again’, many, many times of anything I’d not been able to become aware of previously (and or had forgotten/or been made to forget) and or any ‘new’ impressions and realisations/awarenesses and or ‘ANYTHING’ I hadn’t ever previously managed to become aware of . . . until at the present time I have what amounts to about 120 pages of A4 notes/orientation for myself as part of trying to get my own head around the nature spirit forms as well as the entire scale of both the symbolic nature of these forms as well as the symbolic nature OF OUR ENTIRE REALITY as well as to a certain extent its UNFOLDING SINCE PAST/DISTANT HISTORIC TIMES . . . inclusive of my listed above seriously anomalous/off the edge experiences . . . however, I consider that these efforts as ‘still’, very much part of a work that is still very much in progress . . . !!!!

On Going & Time Consuming Efforts to Understand & Explain Exactly What are the Elementals, Nature Spirits & The Fae!!!

So, as part of my overall efforts (as described above), to eventually figure out how to explain the nature spirits (and many other anomalous things/experiences) I spent some time going into my ‘FIRST’ direct nature spirit encounter (which you can find on this page here) because in myself ‘reviewing’ pretty much everything of all of my anomalous experiences I realised that my so called ‘Spiritual Awakening’ experience was not actually my first experience of being aware of nature spirits . . . I had in fact been ‘aware of them’ for many years before this . . . BUT not enough to know that these ‘awarenesses/sensations of ‘presences” were actually the signs/signals that nature spirits were close by . . .

So, I’m going to use this, my first nature spirit encounter/experience to go into my own initial experiences of these forms in much greater detail than I have before now.

However, I’m also going to make it clear that for ‘you’ reading this, if you are ‘ALSO’ very interested in trying to understand these nature spirit, fairy, fae, Elemental forms and particularly with respect to your own experiences of you yourself also having an awareness of these then I ‘would’ recommend that you read the linked pages at LEAST ONCE, and also maybe spend some time thinking about and or feeling into these experiences too!!!

I ‘do’ appreciate that in our busy twittering/little ability to exercise any sustained ‘attention’, idiot opinion focused age/society that this suggestion may seem bizarre or impossible . . . BUT, you’ve only the quality of experiences and depth of speculation presented here because I’ve personally made a sustained effort to push my boundaries ALL THE TIME for about 4 decades now . . . I’ve personally only figured out what these forms are as well as of how to attempt to explain/describe these forms and their origins/meaning to yourself because in having and writing about these experiences while also then spending a lot of time reading and re-reading again and again these experiences, specifically as part of not only originally figuring out what they are BUT more so with respect to trying to figure out HOW TO EXPLAIN THESE FORMS TO YOURSELF TOO . . . which is actually going to be quite a challenge all on its own!!!!

Pre-warning . . . this series is ‘eventually’ going to be quite long, it’s also likely going to have a lot of links to other pages (some will be to yet another variety or type of anomalous experience I’ve had and some will be to more detailed explanations of specific things/angles of thinking/specific experiences etc . . . ) . . . so, be aware that if you read all of these pages AND all of the given links even 2/3 times, then the time it will take you to do this will be way, way less, likely say at least less than 1 TENTH of the time it’s taken me to think about and then write/re-write this series (the first page of which was started in September 2018 and the first ‘finished/readyish’ page was put into public space in August 2019 . . . )

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