What are the Causes of Anomalous & or Paranormal Experiences Including: Accessing Past Life Memories, Seeing Ghosts & Subtle Beings

If you’ve read many of the pages and posts on this site then you will become aware that I’ve had many, many personal experiences that are very ‘different’ compared to the norm.

Recently I’ve been orientating more to try and figure out how reality must ‘have to be’ to explain all sorts of different and connected aspects of our experiences here including consciousness and awareness.

From Medical Scientist to Healer Practitioner, Past Life Explorer to Investigating the ‘Nature of Reality’

I’m a medical research scientist by ‘profession’ (research papers I contributed to are listed here) however my drive to understand myself and my ‘collection’ of debilitating personal issues (and the ‘origins’ of these (these issues are described here)) as well as my vast scale of consistent anomalous experiences (many described in detail on this site) led me to orientate towards myself, my internal states and my ‘inner’ landscape as part of efforts to try to understand the origins or causes of these issues. At least enough to then have some idea of how I might approach resolving them.

After over a decade of working as a scientist including as a manager of a central resources facility (the bio-medical mass spectrometry unit) I then left this job to become a full time healer, therapist, practitioner. At the time I did this I was accessing and wandering around past lives as easily as other people watch the TV, I was also wandering around in ‘subtle’ realities too and because I’m a curious type (‘how does this work’) I was also pulling apart and dismantling things like ‘chakras’ and examining subtle implants in efforts to more deeply understand these aspects of our ‘subtle/soul’ origins (this intense subtle reality ‘education’ phase is described in great detail here).

My ‘earlier’ experiences of working with other people to investigate and attempt to help resolve their ‘debilitating’ issues I gave some examples of on healingexamples.com, if you want ‘extreme’ details of the different categories of ‘subtle’ reality / subtle body things that impact ourselves then read the ‘scary’ pages on soul-healer.com.

How Would Reality ‘Have To Be’ to explain a whole range of ‘Impossible & Anomalous’ Experiences?

To say that I had an extreme sensitivity to the ‘subtle’ aspects of reality and to ourselves as subtle beings would be a gross and grand understatement.

My early subtle ‘explorations’ were heavily influenced by the new age / lightworker crowd although their beliefs and perspectives are ‘wrong’ in many, many respects this was still a big step up from the ‘materialistic’ fantasy which has now reached ‘epidemic’ proportions. Three decades ago, you couldn’t ‘really’ be involved in or working as a healer / be accessing none physical aspects of reality without being infected with and dragged into the new age and lightwork paradigms.

My time working as a healer practitioner gradually had me becoming very aware of all sorts of ‘subtle’ manipulations both in terms of ‘things’ that actually debilitate ourselves as well as ‘things’ that actually attempt (quite successfully I might add) to directly manipulate our thinking and perspectives.

How to ‘Rationally’ Explain Odd, Anomalous & Paranormal Experiences? Is it possible?

In addition to the above, I’ve also had many specific types of odd and or anomalous experiences which cannot be adequately or ‘rationally’ explained by those with a fetish for materialism. In many cases these experiences are repeatable, coherent and consistent and many are self initiated. By self initiated I mean that I have a conscious choice as to whether I can activate and perceive ‘reality’ in particular ways. Hence this web site lists some of these as well as other none self initiated experiences.

If you’ve read many of these pages then you will notice that I have tried to give ‘deeper’ or more expansive perspectives and ‘speculations’ on many of my ‘odd’ experiences.

Over the last few decades I’ve noticed that despite that our little reality here is obviously very peculiar and despite that there are many ‘obvious’ categories of oddities eminently observable and or consistently experienced by a wide range of people we don’t have any ‘model’ or ‘framework’ that tries to link or speculate on the connections and or the relationships between many different types of ‘weird / anomalous’ experiences.

In other words, it is very rare that anyone questions the fundamental nature of reality AND even more bizarrely despite that we have two different reality types that are independently queried and speculated upon beyond the obvious ‘real / physical’ easily observable reality it’s an ‘observable’ anomaly in it’s own right that no one even tries to relate any of the huge numbers of anomalous experiences with respect to either of the two most speculated upon ‘alternate’ reality types.

How to Approach Gaining an Understanding of How Different Anomalous & Paranormal Experiences Relate to & Connect to Each Other?

Based on the many experiences I’ve had over four decades AND particularly the last two decades when I’ve been consciously engaging with and RESEARCHING and directly investigating the subtle reality and myself and others as a subtle being or subtle form AND specifically to understand and then to resolve a whole raft of debilitating personal issues (all successfully and completely resolved now for myself) then in mid 2014 I decided to try and see if I could put together some of my odd experiences AND my subtle reality, subtle body experiences in ways that would help myself to become aware of the connections and interconnections and associations between these.

Basically I wanted to present a diverse range of odd/anomalous experiences in such a way as that would help me and others to speculate upon and or then become aware of potential associations, links and connections between these different experiences, including:

  • Ghosts
  • ‘Spirits / Presences’
  • Life After Death Beliefs
  • ‘Beliefs’ in Reincarnation
  • Past Life ‘Experiences’ Carry Over
  • Awareness of & Recall of Past Life Memories & Details
  • Awareness of & Recall of In-between Physical Life Experiences
  • The Temporarily ‘Reviving’ just before Death Phenomenon
  • End of Life Experiences, Death bed Visions & Visitations Phenomenon
  • NDEs ‘Near Death Experiences’ The NOT ‘Really’ Dead Phenomenon
  • Walk-in & Walk-out New Subtle Form Physical Body ‘Occupier’ Problem
  • Multiple Physical Body Occupiers Phenomenon
  • Witches Dual Interfacing to ‘Familiars’ Problem
  • Astral Travelling Phenomenon
  • The ‘Subtle & Physical’, TWO bodies Problem
  • Accessing a ‘subtle’ reality / parallel environment
  • Entity ‘Possessions’ (Another Subtle Being Messing with your Invisible Subtle Body Avatar) Phenomenon
  • Entity Attachments, Energetic Ties & Inexplicable Bad Vibes Phenomena
  • Exactly which ‘body’ originates your Health or Wellness Issues?
  • Which ‘Body’ Holds Your ‘Consciousness’
  • Which ‘Body’ Holds Your ‘Memory’
  • The none ‘Physical’ Subtle Body Originated 6th7th8th++++ Senses Problem
  • The invisible subtle body being MANIPULATED to INFLUENCE you problem
  • Sleep Paralysis ‘Alien’ Abduction Experiences Phenomenon

Now, one of the problems of doing this is that both our internal ‘thinking’ and our external conceptual ‘tools/aids’ are ‘linear’.

How are Consciousness, Awareness, Matrix Reality, Hologram, Simulated Reality Related and or Inter-Connected?

We tend to focus on one thing or one area and all of our tools and utilities lock us into these limitations. I’d found and used mind maps which help greatly but again they are very limited in terms of say putting together a 3 dimensional interlinked presentation that holds a great deal of detail while also simultaneously allowing long detail descriptions relating to individual elements to be part of the presentation BUT with more detailed information and or explanations hidden behind the front ‘diagrammatic’ view.

I eventually found some software that would actually do what I wanted (VUE – Visual Understanding Environment). I then started to put together information on all of the above ‘experiences’ as well as my own ‘subtle’ reality experiences and understandings in a visual / schematic / model format that allows each element/experience type to be moved around which helps you to conceptually become aware of more possibilities with respect to their commonalities and the connections and relationships between them.

The Problems Encountered in trying to Become aware of the Commonalities Tying Together Different Anomalous & Paranormal Experiences?

Because it was easier to re-arrange and ‘shuffle’ the concepts and experiences around in this visual ‘format’, then this format helped greatly to facilitate myself to ‘think’ about and speculate beyond the immediate experiences themselves such that I gradually become aware of some basic fundamentals that more ‘obviously’ and ‘automatically’ correlate with many anomalous experiences and which also more coherently explain the relationships between different experiences.

For example with the diagrammatic view it didn’t take long to become aware that many anomalous experiences start to make sense if we each have ‘two bodies’.

After ‘thinking’ in these terms for a while it then became obvious that these two bodies are likely to occupy two very different environments because a wider range of anomalous experiences can be explained if this is the case.

So, this ‘The Nature of Reality’ series of pages charts my progress of trying to put together what I call a conceptual ‘framework’ that will help myself and therefore you/us to become aware of how reality MUST HAVE TO BE to explain a whole range of consistent but materialistically ‘anomalous’ experiences.

The next page presents the first version of the diagrammatic framework that I eventually put together in November 2014.

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